Sunday, November 17, 2013

.::Hidden Beauty::.

Hey all! We usually don't post on Sundays, but I like to keep up on our schedule and since yesterday's post was somehow forgotten- here I am! :)

As we are stuck in a not so pretty season of forlorn yet-to-be-raked yards, stumpy looking trees and browning grass, waiting to be renewed by winter's snow, lets look for the lasting beauty that we know is all around us! Right now we just might have to look a little closer for it, which makes it all the more enjoyable when we do.

Rebekah and I walked the grounds of the farm that we occasionally work at yesterday and found just that!
                      We had a great time running through rows of blueberry bushes and snapping pictures!

There are so many things waiting to burst with color and flavor if we will just look for it! This is not only true in what we can see in God's beauty that He shows us through nature, but also in people's lives.
We can show God's love by caring for them- taking the time to listen and giving them multiple chances to prove their true worth! There are so many who could do so much for the Kingdom if only they were not looked down upon! Take time for people, tell them how much God cares for them, that they are worth so much more than they are told. We have no idea how far that can take a person! Invest in the hidden beauty! And remember that hidden does not mean nonexistent, it means lost or unseen- it needs to be brought out- to be recognized!

                                                                           Rebekah firing up the farm truck.
The House Cats
The View From the Top of the Stairs

Me from the balcony

                                                                          .::The Oxen::.

                                                                          .::While Walking::.

                                                                     .::The Blueberry Fields::.


                           .::Into one of our favorite places on the farm, The Pine Tunnel::.

.::The Little Things::.

Seed Pod In Pencil Effect

                                                                     .::Walking Back::.
                                                                             I love this one!

                                                                    .::Then we did the evening chores::.

Henry waiting patiently for his dinner,"A half bale of hay please and thank you."

                                                               I love the roof in the hay loft!
                                               The oxen looking up through the hay shoot for their dinner

                                                                                                ~ Milking ~

                                                             Hope you enjoyed scrolling through our walk. :)
   I can't wait to share our sermon from today with you all! It will probably not get published till
                                                                 late- baby sitting all day.
                                         Oh, and I thought that this poem went along so very well- enjoy!

                                                                          ~.~ Cassie ~.~
                                                                 November poem


  1. Oh girls! This was such a wonderful post! You both read my thoughts when you said that there really is so much color and beauty in the dying world of Fall, if we would only look for it. I too have the same frame of mind when I walk out into the chilly cold outdoors!

    I love how you took your viewers on a "tour" of the farm, and I especially love the pictures of you ladies in the pine tunnel! It reminds me very much of my old home, Washington State.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful reminders, and for your ever joyful spirits! I can always see them in each post you put up. Keep it up!

    Love in Christ,

    The eldest sister & singer

    P.S. I don't always comment, but I want you to know I have followed every post since the beginning of your darling blog. :)

  2. Thanks so much Jessica!
    I think that we share the same love for the outdoors! :)

  3. Wow, the blueberry fields look quite large - does your family sell them/do Pick-Ur-Own or anything when they are in season?

    1. Hey!
      Yes, the farm has over 40 acres of blueberry fields! But, alas, these fields are not owned by our family.This is the farm that we work at- the owners are friends of ours. In the summer we (Rebekah and I) grade (sort through) the berries.We also weed/prune the rows and yes, they are open for u-pick while in season- I have also been their 'go to person' for watching the u-pick operation on occasion!

      Thanks for commenting!

      In Christ,

  4. Oh my goodness.... your farm looks so lovely!! I don't live on a farm, but I do get a slice of what rural living would be like when I volunteer at a local historical site here in Colorado. I would love to live on a farm one day and have a garden, some chickens, and a milk cow :)

    I love your words on beauty! How I want to become more like Jesus and see things through His eyes! How many times did Jesus take notice of those whom everyone else ignored and avoided? He healed lepers, reached out to the woman at the well, and so much more. What change could Christ make in people's lives if we lived to show His love? His love is the most precious gift we could ever have.
    God Bless!

  5. You guys have soo many animals!!! I don't really like animals.. Do you like living on a farm?

    1. Yes we do, can you tell?! :)
      Just to make sure you are not misunderstanding, the pictures here are not of our own farm- this is were we work.
      Thanks for your thoughts!


  6. Oh I wasn't sure if you were showing yours also! Still to many animals!!
    Do you guys ever get bored or lonely on the farm?
    I'm a people person going out with friends is something I love to do!!

    1. Well, while watching this farm it did get boring after a while- we are not used to it being so quiet and just the two of us in one big house, waiting for chore time! But we do really enjoy it!
      We have the same amount of animals, minus the oxen.


  7. But what about on ur farm ? Don't you get lonely and want to go hang out with friends?

    1. We do! (Go out with friends) We really would not want it any other way!
      We have plenty of time to do the things we love! :) One of those things is spending time with our farm animals....We do not have so much farm work to do that we do not have time for anything else. :)

      On behalf of Calico Clodhoppers


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