Monday, February 10, 2014

Pot-'blessing' Sunday Outfit

Hi all! How do you like my crazy title?  As you probably guessed, we had a potluck lunch at church. I did not want to get too dressed up because we had to set up before church and... because food was involved.   ;-P                     So, I wore this jean skirt that I made a while back and a plain cotton shirt.

            I brought some plain black flats to wear during the service but ended up just keeping my boots on!

                                                                    Blessings From Sunday:
  • Holding a cute brand-new baby.
  • Eating scrumptious rueben soup.
  • Playing 'Pit'.
  • Watching a little bit of Olympic skating.
  • (Not) having to do dishes.  ;-)
  • Hearing our visiting Pastor, E.H. Jeffery, preach.

Boots-local thrift shop: $4?//Black leggings (Not shown)- have had forever// Denim skirt- made by me// Black long sleeve- hand-me-down// Black embroidered shirt- birthday present// Black scrunci- made by me//             ;-)

 Seeing as how it is very unlikely Michigan had a heat wave over the weekend and everything turned green, I assume you can tell this is an old picture.    ;-)    I wore basically the same outfit on a Wednesday night  church in the... oh- shall I dare say the word- summer?    :-)    The reason we didn't post the outfit then is because our camera battery died and we have been using our iPhone for pictures ever since!

I have to get back to my schoolwork now- thanks for reading!!!   

Did you enjoy extra time of fellowship lately?


Matthew 18:20  For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”


  1. I love your outfit, but especially the top! It is so pretty!


  2. Ooh, cute outfit! Your boots are adorable. And I love the skirt you made. I would love to start making some of my own clothes, especially denim skirts-it's so hard to find modest and cute ones!

    1. Thanks for commenting Natalie! I don't sew much (I repair things when they need to be) but making a skirt out of a pair of jeans is easier than you'd think! ;-) ~Rebekah

    2. I'll have to try that sometime! Thanks! :)

  3. Very cute! I like your more casual outfit! I can see how it would be perfect for spending an afternoon in the kitchen!


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