Monday, June 23, 2014

Guest Post || Smile!

Hello ladies.  This is Calico Mom filling in while Cassie and Bekah are settling back in from their trip to Lithuania. They arrived back home from a 10 hour flight late last night\early this morning.  I hear the campground they worked at looks a lot like Michigan and that they got lots of work done. I can't wait to look at all their pictures! [I'm sure you'll be seeing them too!]

 In the meantime I've been thinking about posting a story for you to ponder. A few days ago I had an experience that left me teary-eyed in the grocery store.

 I was wandering down the snack aisle one evening after a late baseball practice (taking my time like I usually do) when I happened to glance at a young man coming toward me.  He was heavily tattooed and dirty as if he'd worked hard all day. I looked right into his eyes and gave him a big smile. He appeared startled, then seemed to realize that a return smile was in order.  He grinned at me and continued down the aisle.  He was much quicker at his selection than I and quickly reversed course to the front of the store.  He walked past me, then slowed to a stop.  From about twenty feet away he muttered, "Ma'am?"
 I looked back at him.  "That was a real nice thing you did for me just now" he said, looking me in the eyes and walking back toward me.  "No one has smiled at me all day!" He arrived at my cart and I sucked in my breath as I thought of how dreary his day must have been. "I am so sorry!" I said to him as I impulsively grabbed him in a big hug. "No. No, it's alright but that was the best thing that happened to me all day!" he responded.  As he walked away I wondered at how often we forget the effect a smile can have on others. 
No, I am not here to encourage you to hug strangers. :)  I'm just a touchy-feely kinda Mom.  Just a couple of points to ponder:

1.  A smile made this man's day brighter and it was so easy! One of my favorite challenges when I was working was to get EVERY person who walked through the library door to smile at me.  What great fun!!  I quite often would hear comments about my big cheerful smile :)

Spoiler alert! This is Mr. Happy, he lives with our family and helps us remember to smile. Recently he traveled to Lithuania on a mission trip. Here he is lending a helping hand!

2. I cried as I thought about what this young man had done to himself: even his face and forehead were heavily tattooed.  He was obviously brought up to be polite and had a tender heart, but for the rest of his life, he will be judged first on his appearance, as unfair as that may seem.  He had beautiful blue eyes and a wonderful smile, but: he looked scary!  He may very well be sweet as a puppy inside but many, many people will never know his true nature. He made choices early in life that will follow him forever and may very well separate him from the very thing he seeks most: approval and kindness.  How sad. How like Satan to deceive a man made in the image of our Lord!

3. Of course, as young ladies you must be cautious of attracting the wrong kind of attention from men, but using your common sense and listening to the Lord will keep you safe. Everyone deserves a happy smile from modestly dressed girls! :)

You're not too busy. It doesn't take any time at all if you keep one ready!
Don't be grouchy. You represent the KING OF THE UNIVERSE!!!
Try it. You'll like it!  Everyone will be happier! 
Proverbs 15:30 
A cheerful look brings joy to the heart.

~Calico Momma~


  1. What a wonderful reminder to be joyful in the Lord. Thank you! I hope that Cassie and Rebekah are doing well.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Such a beautiful, well thought out post! Thank you!


  3. Oh, how sweet! Smiling is such a simple thing you can do to cheer up someone! Wonderful story and I'm glad to hear Cassie and Rebekah are back safely. I've been praying for them!

  4. Looks like I am the last of the Boyer sisters to say a whole-hearted, Thank you Mrs. Shashaguay for bringing us up to date on your girls, and also for giving us that wonderful exhortation to smile at others who we might never have thought of smiling at before!!! We see a lot of characters, like the one you gave account of, in our home town, and many of them are desperate drug addicts. I have always fought within myself as to whether or not I ought to smile at such people, but every word you wrote here is as true, and clearly heard, as a bright new bell. Thank you SO much for your wise words, and your humble heart. You didn't have to write this, but you did, and I think many hearts will be touched.

    :) Smiling through the screen,

    The eldest sister & singer

  5. Thank you for your post! What a great reminder to spread joy as representatives of our Savior!

  6. gah. this is perfect. thank you so much for sharing this with us, exactly what i needed to hear today. love the points you gave as well.
    such a wonderful and simple way to show Christ. even if we are not smiling directly at someone, we never know who is watching and searing and will see Jesus in us.


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