Saturday, November 1, 2014

Outfit // Nice 'n Easy (We're Back!)

  Hello everyone! I'd start by saying, how much I've missed this blog, how much I've missed our conversations, your questions, your little notes of kindness and love. And, if I had a chance to scroll through the past six weeks, to tell you each detail that has not been covered by our last post. But really, life has carried on, more or less the same, though, without one of the things that I have come to love doing...Writing to you my friends. Being encouraged by each of you. I'd like to carry on as if this is just another post of the week in our blog's little schedule, so that we can be reunited. Even though we have spent time apart, the heart of our blog has certainly grown fonder.
 Shoes- A.E. Hand-me-up Thrifted, $3 // Slip- Me made // Wrap Skirt- Goodwill, $3 // Undershirt and Socks- old // Shirt- Thrifted, $3 (borrowed from Bek) // Necklace- Avon, old
This outfit is nothing special, sentimentally or in the realm of fashion really. But even though I wanted to start out with something that all concerned are used to, (e.i. an outfit post), I wanted to have something easy to throw on especially considering how chilled the air was the day we stepped out for our shoot. I've already reached for this neat wrap-around-skirt (as I used to all them) since I found it at one of our Goodwills a few weeks back. The cut is just a twinge different, laying on a slight curve after the bow is tied; it reminded me of my love for one of my favorite newer films, Mrs. Potter. Her clothes are surely what I'd have worn had I been born in her era don't you think? Each piece seems to have just the most delightful antique-y flair with hints of delicacy. Just right for these fall/winter months too ah?

Lately, I've been doing even more Bible study than I usually do (as you will see from some of my coming posts that I will be sharing). There is just so much to grasp! Each day I am amazing at what I hadn't seen before, at what the Lord chose to save for a specific time in my life.
Last week our our Grandmother was unexpectantly taken to the emergency at our local hospital with heart trouble. We were all quite shocked as our Grandma has always been the picture of health and has certainly never had any heart complications. This particular night, I had been quite distraught in my behavior before hand. Complaining about meaningless things, having a little pitty-party all of my own, until it started to rub off on the rest of the family that unfortunately happened to be home. Then, after hearing the news of my precious Grandma's condition, I began to see how silly I had been, and how foolish really, I had become. Dwelling on things that had zero matter in the realm of true reality, I was humbled. Our Grandma is such a strong lady, whom I try to imitate her kind behavior and love for people. I realized, once again, how unlengthy life is. Sure it can be hard (we all can testify) but moping about things that do not benefit is not what a believer in the Most High should be dwelling on. We all know these things, yet, since we are human (the spirit is willing, yet the flesh is weak) we need reminders of how little we are in the vastness of our Creator. As I held my Grandma's hand while she lay in her hospital bed and prior, this all came to me. She spent a total of four days hospitalized, a pacemaker was put in to help her heart keep a steady beat; she didn't even hesitate to come by for a family dinner party that weekend! How amazing! How wonderful is our Father who has lavished His love over us and calls us His children! Thank you Grandma, for being a wonderful example in my life. You are an amazing, loving, caring lady and I love you so very, very much.

Do you own a wrap-around-skirt?
Do you like the film 'Mrs. Potter'?
What lessons Have you learned since we last spoke?

Much love


  1. Oh!!! So good to see a post of you again, Cassie!!!

    YES! I LOVE that movie, 'Miss Potter' - we watched it recently and I adored it! :-) I think you look a little like her in that last picture. :-)

    Wow! I'm so happy about your Grandma! :-) It's the best thing ever when someone recovers! God is just wayyy too good, right? :-D

  2. Welcome back!! :) Lovely outfit + beautiful photos! I love your hair style! You always come up with something neat!!

  3. Yay! Welcome back!
    We all have those days when complain and feel grumpy... It's nice to have a good role model for us to look up to..

  4. I'm glad to have you back! :D
    Lovely outfit. :) It does have a somewhat Edwardian look. I have seen Ms. Potter but it's been a while.
    Happy to hear that your Grandma is doing better; it's neat that you gained more of an eternal perspective when she went to the hospital though. We need to make the most of our time on earth. :)

  5. Happy to hear your grandma's doing better! Mine is having shoulder, & hip trouble, so I understand. She's also had cancer, a long time ago, and that weakened her body. My prayers are with you!

  6. Dearest Cassie,

    I am so glad that you girls are back to blogging! You both have been missed! You look so pretty in this outfit and these photos. I love the movie Ms. Potter, though I haven't seen it in a while. I hope your Grandmother is in full health soon!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  7. Hello my dears!

    Welcome back! I to have been learning a lot within the timespan that you two have been away and busy. I mostly have been learning to forgive and forget. There are a couple of peers I know who are Christians, and yet they don't always live their lives as Christians, but then I began to realize that that was of my own prideful opinion and judgement. I have been seeking out Humility and Grace from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to learn to understand these young people better, and most of all to accept them for who they are. And thanks be to Him, I have conquered my pride and begun anew with these children of God. :)

    I have also been learning a lot (last week while we were at Bible Bee Nationals) how to rely on Christ's strength to give me energy to get hard tasks done for the benefit of others. That was a long week, but it was a blessed week in many, many areas. I thank the Lord for all that He graciously did for us and the man contestant families!

    I look forward to this new chapter in your blogging journey, ladies!

    Much love and happiness to you!

    The eldest sister & singer


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