Monday, December 8, 2014

Outfit // Just Because

Hi dearies! I've got an outfit to share that's a good change from my regular outfit posts of the more "dressed up" me. The wintery months in Michigan (thus far), have been relatively mild, besides a week or two of terrible road conditions and the cold winds that sweep through our little valley of woods must every night. On any given day during these dreary I-wish-it-would-snow-cause everything-is-so-ugly days, you can find me in sweaters and warm headbands over my ears as I go about my daily duties. I tend to share more of the cute and pretty outfits that have more "inspiration" to them here on the blog. You know, a tip here and an idea there kind of posts. But this time around I'm sporting an outfit for you thats simple and easy, but relatively flattering, just because. 

As I was musing over our last few posts, I realized how I really didn't make too much of an effort in my last post to consider our last Holiday that has just passed us by (as we had internet troubles the week of), Thanksgiving. I don't want to let my thanks of blessings only be heard by the One that gave them, but shared, so that others may be lifted up and remember that there is One who cares. He cares so very, very much.
Most of you have been able to follow our story of Church situations. We have sympathized with each other, discussing how hard it is to leave a place that you had called your second home, leaving people you had grown to love. I've had so many from each place of those sad happenings bring their story to the table and share how the LORD is helping their family through. The last time I wrote about this, it was truly amazing to be so uplifted!

Our family has been attending a group that most would call a Home Church for close to a year now. (For new readers; we actually were attending both the church we left and the said one at the same time since last March. Back at the end of July we officially left the church that we had attended for 12+ years. The group we meet with now happens to meet in the basement of the church building that we had been attending.) It just crazy to think how fast the has time flown by! Since our family left the "Church up-stairs", we have been so renewed. It's like when you open the windows for the first time in the spring. The cool air just rushes in, bringing you to remember all that you had missed. Everything that you had forgotten to miss.

I feel so blessed to call each person that attends our Church my friend. The people that make up our group are true and steadfast, always striving, striving to be a better person, humble when they have messed up, and there to hear you just talk. Before I get caught up in the blessing, I have to remember the Blesser, the One who has lifted me up and given me so much. Our family was faithful and true to follow His leading, but we are so insignificant. We are nothing. Yet He has given me so much. He has given me people who strive for the same goal I do, to come beside me, and call me blessed, to encourage, just because He can.

That is what I am most humbled to call a blessing of mine from our Father this Thanksgiving season. His people, that stand with me, share with me, and respectfully correct me as we both are being brought closer to Him through each other. I feel overwhelmed about His goodness.

 Skirt- Me made (Errand #17 Skirt by Fresh Modesty's E-Book) // Tights- gifted // Shoes- thrifted, old // Long sleeve, gifted // Sweater- thrifted, $1 // Necklace- Amazon, $14 // Hair clips- vintage, $2 

 I found this sweater while a local thrift shop was having a $1 an item clothing sale the week of Black Friday. The Forrest green and crook of flowers around the neckline instantly drew my attention. Though most of the sweater could be associated with the styles we see on fashion icons these days (over sized sweaters anyone?) it is actually probably from the early 90's, judging by the font on the tag etc. But I just didn't want to leave it behind, even if it did look slightly dated. Not that I follow the trends mind you, but you already know that! ;) Anyway, the only thing that bothers me is the 3/4 length sleeves, which usually I love, but these just lay uncomfortably. I remedied that by adding a comfy long sleeve that kinda clashed with the main sweater, but brought out the little pop-corns in the flourish. Next I added my adorable vintage-y hair clips that matched wonderfully. Pairing it with my long me-made jean skirt, I was comfy and warm through out the day. 

Oh and yes, what do you think about my hair-do? Ha ha! I flopped it up after a morning shower and let it stay all day. I do not (!) like the pins showing in the back, but I liked the rest enough to leave them, even if I do wish Bek would have made it more aware how much they were showing before our shoot. ;)
 Aww. Just look at that pup! My employers (from the cleaning business I work for two days a week) have been on vacation for the past two weeks, so along with keeping an eye on their homestead, Bek and I have watched their animals also. Their dog was happy to join me for a few photos and for the short jaunt up to her house, just around the bend from our road.

What do you wear in the winter around the house?
What  are you feeling most thankful for?
Have you ever been a house sitter before?

Much love,
the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. You look SOOOO cute! And you need to come here and do my hair:))) I love the skirt, wish I could sew. Maybe I'll get someone to see one for me :)

  2. ADORABLE outfit, Cassie! I absolutely love it!!!!

  3. Very cute Cassie! I love your denim skirt, and the way you brought out the "popcorns" by pairing your sweater with a coordinating shirt.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! The whole outfit is just so winter!


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