Saturday, February 21, 2015

Outfit || Winter's Spring

Hi everyone! How is winter treating you? I decided to pretend winter was actually spring, and this outfit was made! I first wore it here at Aunt Wendy's home, (the day of her son Matt's wedding) and then again one day later to a birthday party, but with a few different details. I wasn't technically wearing any white so... I didn't technically break the "no white after Labor Day" rule right? Well, I don't care if I did, 'cause I love the outfit I'm about to show you!

Bekah's Spring in Winter Outfit
This is one of those old 'Sidesaddle' brand skirts from the early 90's I'm guessing, I see them every once in a while at a thrift shop, but they're usually a hideous type of fabric or too worn out. I bought this one because I have been buying long skirts left and right lately and it was only $1 so... why not buy another? I only have 50... 75? Don't ask.

I wore my hair up and curly, as is my style these days. I also wore a matching barret of Cassie's but we didn't have time to take a good picture of it, we barely fit these photos in before wedding prep succumbed us! ;-)

Aunt Wendy's 50th  Matt + Jessica Wedding 20151
As you see, I wore my hair down the second time, mostly because we were racing the sunset and I didn't have time to put it up! (I did so afterwards, haha.) Also, I wore a different coordinating undershirt than the first time because somehow the pink flowered one suffered a rip in the seam during all of my crouching and bending to get good shots of the ceremony! I'll have to have Cassie sew that up for me... ;-P

Bekah and Cassie Outfits Feb 15 2015  old memory card photos1
 Boots- Ariat, gifted // Petticoat- Cassie made // Skirt- thrifted, $1 // Floral Tank- (?) old //  Coral Shirt- thrifed, $2 ? // Chambray Button Up- Goodwill, $4 // Hair Flower, Cassie's 

Well, this was one of the coldest photo-shoots yet, it was 2* out when we took these! My neon orange hands and purples arms in the pictures above can testify to that!

Bekah and Cassie Outfits Feb 15 2015  old memory card photos2
I wanted to post these full size but was afraid that would be way too many pictures, so I grouped my favorites to conserve space. :-)

My hair was curly from braids the night before, and I added this frilly clip to hold back the very front. I just noticed how dark my hair gets in the winter, it's so much lighter come summer when we're outside in the sun more than indoors.

Bekah and Cassie Outfits Feb 15 2015  old memory card photos3
These two are my favorites! We always attempt spinning pictures, but they rarely turn out quite this nice! 

On my feet I placed my Justin rodeo boots, I wasn't about to get frostbitten toes just for the sake of fashion! Besides, I love my boots. :-) Plus I knew if worse came to worse I would have to help shovel snow for us to get out of the driveway, and help clean up outside my Aunt's home before the guests arrived. Which, in the wind that blows through the empty cornfields surrounding her property, is not a smart idea to do in dress shoes!

This lovely, delicate salmon blouse is 3/4 sleeve and you will definitely see it paired with other shirts come this spring!
We don't usually do any editing like this to our outfit pictures, but I was feeling creative and really like how this turned out. :-)


Well, I'm actually at church now, I brought the laptop and am finishing it up standing in the kitchen! It will be good seeing our friends after missing last week! We're here early because this is the first week my Mom and Dad are leading the worship service! And tonight we plan to have a oldest-girl-cousin's-night-out with our Grandma and an Aunt! Ach! Two outfits to plan in one day! Good thing I'm a fashion expert and can throw together flattering outfits in the blink of an eye... hahaha! Not! We have just as much trouble as anyone, maybe more knowing what we wear will be seen by all of you! Okay, I really do need to scurry now, bye dears!

To our blogging friends- What is the coldest temperature you've taken outfit photos outside in?
What do you do to escape the winter blahs?
Do you like layering?

 ~~the younger sister~~


  1. I love how you layered your salmon colored top with coordinating printed tees Rebekah! It adds so much interest to the outfit! And those Justin Rodeo boots certainly are enviable! I have always wanted a pair ever since I found out about the brand a few years ago.
    One last thing: Your hair looks positively lovely put up and all curly. :)


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thanks for commenting Brigid! You won't regret it if you buy a pair of those boots!


  2. This is so cute! For me I love layering mostly with vests and such =)


  3. Pretty look Rebekah - I like the color combination! :)
    The coldest temperature I've done outfit photos in? Somewhere in the 60's probably.......the coast spoils us. ;P

    1. Sixty degrees is the "coldest"?! Wow! Hahaha! Thanks for commenting!


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  5. She is looking so elegant and I like the dress what she worn.
    Thanks for sharing


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