Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo a Day || March || Week 11

A little late in the day- but still on time! (Which is a wonder!)
Photo a Day // March // Week 11
Saturday: too much traffic!!
Liam Visit
Sunday: our friend's little boy who came over to talk wedding details with Mom!
Krynock kiddos.
Monday: watching our dear friend Amber's kids (Well 4 of them!) while she visited her Grandma! We also had Bella and Gigi of course- full house!

Sunday and Tuesday
Tuesday also
Tuesday: we helped set up the reception area for the wedding and then had our first Dutch Days (previously Dutch Heritage Show) rehearsal!

Wednesday: Danny and Heather's wedding! (More pictures to come??)

Kittens- Wednesday!
 (Also)Wednesday: we got three kittens!!!

Photo a Day // March // Week 11
Thursday: we had to move everything out of our giant kitchen so that work on the floor can start Sunday morning! Most of our food supplies ended up in our parent's bedroom!

Photo a Day // March // Week 11
Today: here is the temporary kitchen in the basement!
Well- gotta get back to work! There's more yet to be moved and I hear several people calling for me this very second! "Bekah! Come move the fridge to the basement!" "Bekah! Pack up all the extra coat and boots!" So- bye! Talk to ya later! ;-)

~~the younger sister~~

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  1. The wedding decor looks pretty! :D I'm sure it was a lovely time.
    Oh boy, how exciting to have to move your entire kitchen.


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