Saturday, July 25, 2015

Outfit // Fresh Denim

Outfit // Fresh Denim
Hello dear friends! I hope this post finds you well this fine Saturday! Since we've been church/fellowship "searching" these past few months, Bek and I have been short of our usual abundance of outfit photo shoots. While today's outfit is not entirely dressy for church or weekend events, I thought in a good one to share considering our current situation.

Outfit // Fresh Denim
Outfit // Fresh Denim
While not having a fellowship to attend regularly each week is certainly a shame, I've been learning to enjoy it despite one's past expectations. And, I must say that I truly enjoy spending Sabbath at home; just being together as a family, occasionally peeking around to see what others are up to. (This may or may not have something to do with pondering 1 Timothy 6v6 alot lately. ;) But anyways...)

Just this past afternoon for example I would not have been able to get up quite so early to read from the Bible, only to go back to bed an hour later; surely it would have been difficult had we needed to be somewhere at a set time! Nor getting a good load of delicious smoothy made, keeping up on a book study, freshening up our room, and most enjoyably, listening to hours of praise music...

It seems like once I've had it on a good ten minutes or so, I've totally changed my perspective on things. Sometimes (lots of times!) I'm too quick to throw another word back, a word that is not thought out well beforehand; that tears down instead of builds up. Doing so is quite hard to do (or should be!) when you're engulfed in the Father's love for us and His Son's sacrifice for us.

Try it sometime, you'll be surprised at how much you just let go of and wisely decide has no merit. :)

Outfit // Fresh Denim
Outfit // Fresh Denim
Shoes- Simple; thrifted, $4 // Skirt- Me made (ebook HERE) // Blouse- Sweet Magnolia; thrifted, $4 // Necklace- Amazon, $16 ? // Scarf- thrifted, $1
I must say, I love(d) this outfit! I wore it actually a few weeks ago to volunteer in at the Food Pantry/Thrift Store. Throwing together outfits on Monday mornings (the day we three older kids volunteer on) I tend to always get a kick out of. There is no such dress code, but I know what works best and what doesn't for hauling loads of "mission box clothes" (clothes that we ship to missions), skirting around the extremely cramped small "store" area, helping people find things in our small area, organizing and reorganizing racks of cloths pawed through daily, and running to and fro from said room to office pace with papers and such.

I've found Olivia, from Fresh Modesty, to be the most encouraging for displaying a laid back practical and flattering style such as this. Her inspiration, I think, can be captured in the sewing e-books she has to offer; specifically her Destination Skirt sew-along which is what I'm modeling here. Looking back these past few days, since we've just passed our second blog anniversary, I realize that I've known Olivia for the past almost three years now! Time flys! Back to the outfit.... This skirt design is just perfect for what I want on the days for doing such things! I love that it's flattering and practical!

I'm not sure how the rest of the outfit came to be after not even having to "choose" a bottom half. It more than likely originated from picking up this beautiful scarf a few days prior and the fact that I've been loving this blouse! So yup- put two and two together and there you have it! Yip-yip! ;)

Outfit // Fresh Denim

Thanks everyone for your kinds words in the comments of our anniversary tribute post! We're far from perfect bloggers, but we enjoy you all so much! We're blessed you give us the time of day and for the love you express! I think we'll stick around. ;)

Ta-ta till next week all! Maybe even Bek will make an appearance! Shhh! Haha! ;)

What would you don for such a day?
What keeps you busy on Sabbaths at home?

Affection and love on this Lord's day,
the elder writer of the two


  1. Wow it has been such a long time since I commented on ya'll's blog! Things have been very busy lately and I have hardly had the time for blogging, or commenting on other's blogs. I love how you tied the scarf and did your hair Cassie. Very pretty!

    Church transitions can be very difficult. We get into our routine, and then when that routine is no longer there it throws us off. At the same time, like you said, it is probably very nice to actually have a "rest" day. I know from experience that being part of a large family and going to church, does not combine well for a very restful or relaxing day! :-)

  2. I love your hair!

  3. Love the outfit! (And Fresh Modesty.) :)


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