Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outfit || Where I've Been || +10 Things That Make Me Happy

 Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit
It's me it's me it's... Bekah! I wonder what you thought had become of me, had I been kidnapped and taken away to be a slave on a Caribbean island where there was no wifi access? Had I vowed to abstain from internet use until the day I die?? Had I gone off-grid and begun to raise all my own food leaving no time for social networking??? Nothing quite so dangerously exciting, crazily conviction-filled, or blindsidedly busied by was I. Time just slips past quickly, especially when you're doing something you love. Or putting off something you feel pressured by. Like blogging.
Is it fun reading comments on your latest "I went to town and here's what I wore" photo-shoot? Absolutely. Is it a good challenge to string together words on a tough subject without offending your followers, but still getting your opinion across effectively? Yes... But what about when you aren't really going anywhere or doing anything where a blog-worthy outfit can be worn? (Plus, when you finally do, there isn't really time to take pictures?) And what about when you feel like you wrote a whopper of a post and then... *crickets chirping*  No one responds. As you can imagine, or perhaps have experienced, your determination to continue pretty much deflates like a balloon after a party you didn't get to have. Maybe you also have other problems, like no ability to take pictures when you next feel the urge to get back in the swing of things. Maybe you just don't feel like it. And, maybe you thought when other things take the place of the thing that used to be fun, you can gracefully bow out. That is precisely what happened to me folks. Except for the last example. I did not gracefully bow out. Because here I am with an outfit that has been on the waiting list for 2 months!

Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit

I brought along only a few items of "regular clothing" when we embarked on our weekend journey to Fulton, Illinois last May to perform in their town's Dutch Days celebration, this being the majority of my travel wardrobe. *gasp* Sorry, run-on sentences are my specialty.

  Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit

The skirt I bought at a Goodwill in Elgin Illinois when Mom, Cassie, and I stayed there overnight for the fantabulous Cat's Pajamas Vintage Clothes Show! (Post on my purchases coming sooooon!)

Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit

These shoes we've had for just about forever, and I can say without a doubt that they are the comfiest and most versatile flats I have ever had the joy of wearing! They, unexpectedly, match a lot of outfits, and as I just said, are so very comfy! The brand is Land's End and mine are size 91/2  wides. If they still make these, find them and buy them. Hahahha!

Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit

This shirt has already appeared in one *outfit here (*That, sorry, but I loved so I am linking to it: Click Here to See) and I suspect it will find its way back again, perhaps even in a dark blue color! Don't worry, I am not thinking of marring its lovely cream lace with a homemade dye kit, I simply stumbled upon another shirt of the exact same pattern not but a few months after this one made its debut in my closet! (Of course I bought it! And of course, it was at Goodwill.)

Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit
Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit
This brown oversized sweater has been a life saver on quite a few occasions when something about an outfit just doesn't feel quite right... add a cute trendy cardigan and head to town! At this time, the facts about where I acquired this piece have deserted my mind. I would venture to guess it was Goodwill though! Can't go wrong guessing thrift shop!

Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit

An attempt at a cool picture doesn't always go so well when your family is rushing you to the van so you can get the long ride back home over with! The backdrop for this shoot was the lower part of an awe inspiring (at least to someone used to sandy dunes and dense forests like myself) clay cliff which my Father and younger siblings assumed climbing as soon as we piled out of the van and ran to its grassy base.

 ...Life has ups and downs, and I think I have had my fair share thus far. Though I willingly confess, others seem to be living life on a roller coaster while I am drifting aimlessly in a small rowboat on a quiet pond. The water can get rough though, and you sometimes find yourself in an unreliable boat... then you have to fling yourself out onto a bridge truss until the alleged antagonist comes by to save you- oh wait. that's already been done. Anne of Green Gables, right. And that brings me to part 2 of this post:

10 Things That Make Me Happy
  1. The relationship between Anne and Gil. It's just... perfectly imperfect. 
  2. Stepping into a cool house out of the summer humidity.
  3. Switching over to heavy quilts for the winter. It's not that I love the cold, I love the comfort.
  4.  Reading super long books that are part of a series.
  5. Braiding a horses' mane. (Not to mention breathing in the smell of the freshly cleaned barn they live in!)
  6. Good pictures. There's just something about perfectly preserving a moment in time that you can never live again.
  7. Being so sarcastic with friends that strangers would think you aren't even being sarcastic, but you really are... did you get that? Haha!
  8. Winning. Not gonna lie... it feels good. Even if it's not you who won.
  9. Giving people gifts. (Isn't that a Love Language?? Haha!)
  10. And last but not least, knowing Someone who has all the right answers.
Trendy Tribal Trip Outfit

Thank you, Audrey, for nominating me to share a few of my favorite things!
 And thank you all for reading this post!

 Which of my postings have you missed the most? (Why I series, Photo a Day, regular outfits...)
 Have you ever just felt like not doing what you know you should do?
What kind of landscape fascinates you?

 Have a happy day and feel free to comment some of the things that make your heart smile!

~for Calico Sisters~


  1. I am so jealous of how you made all the words come seamlessly together at the beginning of this post to paint such a great picture (and pretty comical also :) ) that I can 100% relate to. I totally feel like this sometimes when it comes to blogging and I loved that you shared how you felt. Okay, so for the 10 things that make you happy I just have to say I LOVE #1, #4, and #7. Why? Well do I really have to explain #1 because as you said Anne and Gil are perfectly Imperfect (BTW, have you heard of the web series on YouTube called "Green Gables Fables" is so amazing and perfect for Anne Fans!!). #4 Reading long books that are a part of a series.....totally the best because the story keeps going on, but then you finish the last book and don't quite know what to do with your life (but it was worth it!). #7.......totally describes me with my friends!!! I can be soooooooo sarcastic that a lot of the time other people don't know how to respond. Sometimes it takes a few moments for them to process weather or not I was being sarcastic:). Loved the words of this post and I also really loved your skirt!!! :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and compliments!! I was surprised to get one already since I posted pretty late in the day! No, I had not heard of Green Gables Fables! I will definitely be looking that up! I am so greedy when it comes to books and TV series- like, I wish the authors\actors would spend their entire lives entertaining me with one endless story! Hahahah! Thanks again and I wish you the best with your blogging journey! ;-)
      ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

  2. So lovely to see a post from you again Rebekah! You have been missed!
    I love the combination of texture and patterns you used in your outfit here! Oh, and cool houses are the best thing in the Summer, aren't they? That, and mowing for the first time. I didn't realize I had missed doing such hard work until I jumped onto the mower's seat, turned the key and started driving. Oh, it felt SO good!
    And it has been far too long since I have read or watched Anne of Green Gables! I must remedy that situation.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Oh dear, yes, sometimes it is hard to blog. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy a bit of a break though! Hopefully it was refreshing to your creative juices.
    Pretty outfit! :) I like the lacey top.
    Braiding a horses mane must be a beautiful thing. <3 And I know giving gifts is!

  4. Oh boy, do I ever know how the should and the will of a task can be so conflicting. "That which I should do I don't and that which I should....." Yup, first class procrastinator right here! And when it isn't perfect, well that derails the whole train right there. However the promise that His mercy is new every morning is precious. We get to start over when ever we want. :) You asked about landscapes.... I love ones that have more nature than ugly broken man things. A city can be beautiful but only if it is cared for. Nature can be glorious but only if it isn't broken. I guess I'll take a bunch of plants over most anything else any day. :P Every place has the power to be beautiful though. :) There the only crickets are the ones in my garden. <3

  5. You look lovely!! I love that skirt pattern!! :)

  6. Yes to your #1 thing that makes you happy. :)

  7. My cutie, Bekah BLEKAH😱😂


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