Saturday, August 29, 2015

Thrifted Treasures // Goodwill Tops

Hello all! Remember way back when I shared some Thrifted Treasures? Well its been a while! I thought I'd go ahead a show you a few clothing items I picked up while on a fun trip with my sisters, a friend, and Mom as our chauffeur the day one of our local Goodwill's had their grand reopening a few weeks back. Wanna see what I came back with, at least clothing wise?

I mainly picked up shirts on this trip.(With the exception of one dress which you'll also get to see at the end of this post.)  Basically because every skirt I saw really didn't strike me as "I'm cute you must take me home" like these tops did. Haha! I usually wouldn't have gathered so many items all at once, but we made a day of crashing the newly-refurbished-we've-lived-without-it-for-a-month thrift shop.

The items you see above struck my fancy for their cute prints and easy going style. I think each one will also lend a helping hand at switching from S/S to F/W as far as wardrobe goes. I've already worn the brown polka-dotted top a few times. The navy-ish tunic like top I actually have a purple floral print of that I wear ALOT, so I already knew that this whimsy print would also get worn. Lastly, I actually got this button up from another thrift shop that same day. (I love those full day of just thrifting, don't you?) It's a couple sizes too big for me and looks like that when I wear it; sometimes you can get away something looking a bit big- this just kinda looks, uh, unattractive shall we say. BUT, it's a cute print and does well with a denim-on-denim look, especially when knotted at the waist, which also helps it not looking too big/frumpy.

Next up I found two sleeveless shirts which are more toward Spring into Summer style if you ask me, but the daisy print of the top one really caught my eye as being casually dressed up, but cute. I plan on taking out the elastic to eliminate the "bubble" effect. Do those shirts really look good on anybody? Just being honest here. Haha!

Oh the adorable cotton Boden top! I know a couple of you out there who are huge fans of this clothing line, and rightly so! They always seem to capture a fabulous bright hue, but also somehow look so natural, not to mention how well made their items are! I knew that I'd don this top as soon as I saw it, plus the ditsy print certainly has potential to pair a slew of colors with. Sold!  
Yay for these two! The top one- if you know me at all you know that I love the shabby chic/romantic style. The off white lace top complete with Peter Pan collar was a no-brainer.
Oh yes! I finally found a peplum top! I've been wanting to either find or draft myself a pattern for one of these styled shirts, but without knowing if the style actually looked on me (I was pretty sure it would be flattering, but better make sure, right?) I didn't want to go to all that trouble. Finding this one certainly was a fun surprise! The style does my figure well so off to make up some plans for a couple new peplums in the future! Yay for Goodwill's $2.99 tops! And yes, polka-dots.

Here we are with the last two items! Up top is a really uniquely cut shirt that instantly drew my attention. The sleeves, the knotted hem, and even the print were just too neat to pass up, especially with Fall just around the corner! Lastly- the dress! I picked this up for $1 at the same shop as the starred button up. Its one of those 80's elastic waste dresses with an A-line skirt. I think that the white polka dots (yes more dots) make it quite timeless. I can't wait to throw on some oxfords or brown leather boots with it this Fall!

Hm! Looks like I have a couple trends going here; polka-dots, navy blue, and oh yes! Fall! I have to say that I'm really looking forward to the cool weeks ahead. You know, leave the windows open all night still - curl up in more blankets kind of weather. Let's just hope that this Autumn lasts longer than ours did last year! It seemed like all the leaves fell within a week just leaving us with the endless brown only awaiting the snow that only brought bitter cold and wimpy snow fall. If you've gotta live through winter in Michigan it might as well be at least pretty to look at!
Thrifted Treasures // Goodwill Tops

Thanks for taking a peek with me y'all! I hope you enjoyed this and that your Friday goes well! Yay for the weekend right?! We're off to a fun Sunday as we're going to a HUGE antique/vintage show that sets up on our county's fair grounds! Oh I can't wait! We've been waiting all month to go! I love looking forward to a full day out after being cooped up for a couple weeks! How about you? 

Would you have purchased any of these items?
Are you looking forward to the weekend?
Would you like to see more haul posts in the future?

Many blessings & till tomorrow then,
the elder writer


  1. Cute selection! That is so neat that your Goodwill has price tags! Ours only has color coded tags. :)

  2. So cute! :D You will have fun styling all of these pieces. I am a polka dot fan too (though I don't have any I?!).
    Yes, it would be fun to see more haul posts in the future. :)

  3. So pretty again, Cassie! Thrifting is great! :D

  4. I'd love to go thrifting with y'all, Cassie! Let me know when!


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