Saturday, January 16, 2016

Outfit // Cargo

 Outfit // Cargo
 Happy week to you all! I've had so many ups and downs even since the my last post that it funny to think that it really wasn't that long ago. Life brings in things that we never expected, and inside those cliched words each of us can bring to mind the real meaning of what they really hold to each of us. But inside those thoughts of life's craziness, I hope that we all too have that peace that covers all that chaos of thought; that God is indeed faithful.
  Outfit // Cargo
 Outfit // Cargo
For a while I thought I was kind of dead inside. Only focusing on the negative things in life will do that to you. Sure we have tons to be grateful for, but living on this earth surely has many trials also and they can take over your passion for things so quickly. We're so quick to give up on tings that really are everything in life; they mean the most though we neglect them.

A friend of mine gave me a daily devotional book at the beginning of the year that I've been reading each day. But the difference with this book I was gifted is that it has a section under the writing and Scripture set aside for any extra thoughts that came to mind while reading that the publishers had already put together. It's quite nice in that you don't have to do what all good journal fanatics like myself do- start a notebook just for your notes while studying whatever book happens to be chosen.

Well anyway, one of those short studies this week was on God's faithfulness. "We don't have to question whether or not God will do what He said he would. He has proven Himself to be faithful and true. When God makes us a promise, we don"t have to wonder if He will follow through. It is we who are forgetful, fearful, and oftentimes, faithless. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the truth of the Word of God, and the encouragement of fellow believers, we can hold fast to the hope of our salvation, staying true to the confession we made when we first believed."

My words of gratitude of the Father's steadfastness can be found in this verse I was quick to add to my notes upon reading that that day:

If we are faithless, He remains faithful: He cannot deny Himself. 2 Timothy 2:15

This gives me reason to rejoice! To pursue passions again! And to give God the ultimate glory of all of life because you can then rest assured that since we may do things that lead ourselves away from Him, we are always, and forever, welcomed back to His unending faithfulness.

Outfit // Cargo
Boots- thrifted, $4 // Leggings- me made // Skirt & undershirt- old // Jacket- Goddwill, $4 // Scarf- thrifted // Headband- Gifted
Oh yes! Ye outfit! Well, I picked this cargo jacket up on a complete whim while taking a quick stop at an out of town trip last month at a Goodwill, and have absolutely been loving it! I'm sure you'll see it a few times before Summer for sure! It's been super versatile and fun to add to basically anything else in my whole closet! I added that nice cotton scarf my Mom had just got me to give the slightly otherwise plain outfit some color and added from the colors of it, a neat little mint hued headband. Quite happy with the turnout, especially since I had just the right boot to give the outfit a nice dark finish.

Are you using a devotional for this year yet?
Any clothes pieces you've been wearing out lately?

 Thy mercy, O YHWH, is in the Heavens: and Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.
Psalms 36:5

The elder sister


  1. 2 Timothy 2:15 is one of the verses I have been pondering lately and within that short phrase it holds a powerful truth.....that no matter what, even when we loose faith in God he never looses faith in us! Thanks for sharing what is on your heart.
    As for clothing pieces, I have found myself wearing a lot of skirts with tights and sweaters....trying to stay warm but still wear what I love.

  2. You look very nice! I love the scarf!

  3. This outfit is so pretty! I like the combination of the utilitarian jacket and feminine scarf.
    Also, what an encouraging devotional! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful outfit! Love the scarf!


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