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Pig in a Blanket Anyone?

For those of you who have NO idea what the title means: a 'pig in a blanket' is a dutch food. It basically consists of a seasoned pork/beef meat wrapped inside a pastry dough 'blanket'... So,this is another fundraising post! Two Thursdays ago,the 8th, members of our missions team gathered at (my aunt's) church to create 200 dozen of these scrumptious sausage favorites. First we picked Sara and Nate up, (And left Em and Mel *a.k.a. the Littles* with Mrs. Van Kampen)  and I took this photo to start the day off... (Sorry for Cassie's 'lazy eye', hahaha...)    Actually, FIRST, my Mom,Emma, and Mel went shopping at Gordon Foods Center a few days before....   :-]
                                                        Double the load,double the pushers!
                              Next we picked up 200 pounds of meat from Blue Star Meats....
                                        Mom and the "manpower" going in for the meat order...

                                                           Nathan with a bus-tub of pork.

                                       Here's Cassie the dough-girl,that's her official rank... ;-)

Me, Rebekah, rolling out the first batch of dough... I wore a black shirt, don't ask me why... It didn't even get a smidgen dirty until Pastor Myers and the boys started some mischief with floury hands... =~D    (More pics of that later...)
                       Some of the butter that goes into the dough. We started out with 50 pounds!

          The boys scooping meat- a cold and seemingly endless occupation- the least envied job in the kitchen!                                        That's why we told the boys to do it...   ;-}

                                          Melody 'squishing' as we pros of pig-making call it....

             First you plop a ball of meat of a square of dough, make it into a sausage shape,and,roll it up!

                                    The forever helpful Aunt Joey rolling out a batch of dough...

                           Plop,squish,roll,plop,squish,roll,plop,squish- okay, you probably get it....

                                          Auntie Jane, as we call her, packing up some pigs...

                                         Janet Cobb and Marietta Marsden, Mom and daughter....

                                                                         A foot shot.

                                  My Dad came to help after a half-day of roofing a house...

                              Sara making the egg and milk mixture which goes into the dough.
                                                             One egg out of hundreds...

                                                               The giant whisk and me.

                Nate and Pete. They 'finally' got a break from scooping meat. Notice their shirts? Cute.
                                          I like Chevy better, but I like Nathan's shirt better!!!

                                                            Mrs. V.K. , a.k.a., Miss Dana....

 Mom cutting the dough squares... (Yes, she was in a hippie mood that day.)  :-)    That is REAL tye-dye shirt, an original from the 80's!!! HA HA HA!  :-D

I tried to do a panorama but the camera would not cooperate, I got as wide a shot as I could by shoving myself into the corner! ;-)

                                                                Here's Em's long braid...

                                Cassie a victim of the aforementioned "friendly game of flour tag"....

                                                                          Ha. Ha. HA!
                                                                        (Gotcha 'back'!)

Sara, another 'tagged' sister. (We were less than amused and eventually the boys were banished to the gym- -and they had to clean off all of the cart wheels and trash cans!)

Nathan, a victim of revenge, he didn't even know I- I mean SOMEONE , did it.   ;~]    (Sorry for the weirdly angled photo, I took it on the run!)

 Here is the pastor of our church, Dennis Myers,he was being corrected on his pig-squishing by Miss Dana.
                                           (You've got to get it all the way to the edge!)   :-}

       Emma and Mel waiting patiently for their lunch, we bake all of the ugly or 'bad' pigs to taste test!

                                 Janet scooping meatballs- thanks for taking up the task Janet!!!

After we were 'done' (This was during our break time of in between done baking and not started with clean up...) we tried to do some clothes pictures,but... ;-(   We were tired and dirty so we just took some silhouettes in front of the stained glass windows...
 Thanks for taking the picture Peter, and thanks Nathan, for jumping in front of the camera at every possible interval. (We have several photos with Nate's feet in them.)  Brothers. 

Well, that's it. So far in the selling process it is going very well! SO WELL, we may be making more in the near future!    (Don't worry, I'm sure we've ALL had enough 'pig-pics' to last us a good long while...)

                                                        Any more fundraising ideas? 
                                              Any of you ever made pig-in-a-blankets before?

Thanks for reading!!! Have a great day!

                                                                                                   ~Rebekah S.

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  1. Oh, So now I'm vintage, eh?? Thanks, Bekah! Oh, well. I'm smart enough to be glad I'm NOT 16 again. :) Did you mention that we were on the news in April when we made 560 dozen pigs in one day? Now THAT was a lot of work! That was all for missions, too.
    Okay, more later. Love you girls!


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