Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Long Overdue Post...

 Hi there! We have been extremely busy these last few days, (Thanks to extra work at Pleasant Hill Farm and the beginning of blueberry grading season,plus piano lessons!) so we kept putting off doing a post- sorry! But for now it's going to be another Sunday best and at home outfit post! Hope you like it...

Here are Cassie's pictures... 

                     This necklace was a present from Sara V.K. on Cassie's 18th birthday last week...
                                              HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CASS!

 These clog-style shoes are one of our all-time favorite brands, Dansko. They make everything from sturdy leather working shoes (Great for a soggy job like weeding blueberry fields. And working around livestock! Our pony stepped on my foot and I barely felt a thing!)  to beautifully tooled mary janes ...

Cassie's Clothes: Undershirt, thrift store-$1     Purple Blouse, goodwill-$3      Skirt, Birthday gift from Melody-free!   Danskos, local thrift shop -$3     Headscarf, borrowed from Mom's collection    Purity ring, goodwill, $?      Flowers,picked by Bekah, grown by God

                                                                         Snapshot time!  ;-)

 Only one car came by during our photo-shoot... Plus all of our neighbors on their Sunday afternoon golf cart rides!   (You know you live in the 'boonies' when you know which neighbor drove by, by the sound of their engine!!)
 Does anyone else love the pencil-drawn effect?

                                                    ... Gotta love sepia and plaid shirts...

                                  Me (Bekah) picking the Queen Ann's lace for our ring pictures.

What I'm Wearing:   Undershirt, local consignment shop called "Bumblebees" -$2     Plaid Blouse,    goodwill -$4          Green tiered skirt, goodwill -$4           Braided Sterling Purity Ring, jewelry shop called "On Silver Shores", -$13              *Flowers, courtesy of the Creator*

Note:  I did not wear this outfit to church, but I didn't particularly care for what I wore so I just put this on for a casual country after church evening...  ;-]

                                                   What kind of day did you have last Sunday?
                                                                  What are your favorite flowers?
                                                                                  What kind of purity rings do you favor?
Thanks, and have a great day!!

Cass and I hope to get back to regular blogging soon, we'll be a little less hurried this coming week, so maybe you'll be seeing a few more posts these next few days!! Thanks again,bye!    -R.

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