Monday, September 9, 2013

First Fall Outfits // Fair Week

 Hi y'all!
          Last Saturday Cassie and I went out for a combined birthday dinner (Cass' birthday was last month and mine is in a couple weeks) with our grandma, aunt, and cousin. We had a great time!   Yesterday we went to our County Fair to see how we placed. The pictures of the fair exhibits are not the best of quality, because of odd lighting. Sorry!        This is what we wore on Saturday, a lot of which we got at a bag sale earlier that day....

                               My Outfit:           Brown flats- yard sale, $1.50
                                                            Purple skirt- thrift shop, $1
                                                            Floral/lace sleeveless- goodwill, $3
                                                            Belt- thrift shop, $1
                                                            Brown jacket- have had forever, $?
                                                            Purple undershirt- yard sale? $?

And Cassie is clothed mostly in purchases that we acquired at the bag sale!  We were able to find two brown skirts which we really needed (wanted) for this coming fall.

Our dad brought home this bouquet of japanese lanterns and and money plant from a job site. It went perfectly with her attire!

                               Cassie's Clothes:          Brown Ariat shoes- goodwill, $3
                                                                     Brown skirt- fill a bag sale
                                                                     Slip- homemade
                                                                     Gray quarter sleeve- thrift shop, $2
                                                                     Orange cotton cap sleeve- fill a bag sale
                                                                     Brown headband- thrift shop,  .50

                                                                ON TO THE FAIR WE GO!

                                                              Here is what I was awarded:

                                                Third place for a 'full figure photo' of Cassie...

                                   And third place for my photo of the Pleasant Hill Farm's hay barn!

My granny square scarf made of 100% wool got 1st. place! This will be perfect for the coming winter!

                                              And first place for my three strand beaded necklace!
                                                                            On to Cassie's......

                                                        First place for her knitted scarf...

                                             First place for this small crocheted beaded purse.

Cassie made this large tote bag and hand appliqued all of the front pieces on with different sewing stitches!  She placed 3rd. with it!

                                      These socks that Cass hand knitted received second place!

This is Cassie's famous milk and honey cinnamon bread...Mom's recipe.....This is the third year that she has received first place for this wonderfulness! :)  Yay!

                                    Peter (brother) got 3rd. place for his lego ship!   Good job Peter!

 Emma (sister, age 9) made this mini doll scene with moss from our woods, popsicle sticks for the out buildings, and sewed the little doll clothes by hand! Unfortunately she did not place. We all had a fun time helping her with this though! She is excited to try again next year, concentrating more on sewing. :)    
Melody (youngest sister, age 6) received 3rd. place for her artwork! Again,sorry about the not so great pic, the lighting was terrible for picture taking.

The next few are pictures we snapped while looking around.....all these artists did an amazing job!
So the following are what caught our eyes the most.....
                                          An amazing picture-like painting! Yes, this is a painting!

             This baby cap's buttons had Peter Rabbit on them! :)  And this ^ is a hand crocheted table clothe!
                           This is a matching girl's and doll's dress set....every detail was simply perfect!
                                      This is a very large chest/trunk.....The handles are superb!  :)

                                        Mini leather tooled saddle and small paper flower bouquet.
        Framed Amish scene puzzle and a whole group of handmade soaps! Love the shape of the basket! :)

                                                    Sunflower head bursting with seeds! :)
This pair of socks won 1st. place in the same section as Cassie's.....simply amazing!!

After looking at all of the handicrafts we headed over to the animal barns......

Yup, these guys(Goliath mules) were big!

We also toured the reenactment buildings...

This was the sweet lady who gave us the tour.^ She made the dress that she is wearing herself!
An amazing masterpiece!

                                Vunderbar (Dutch word meaning 'wonderful') petticoat and quilt.

A very complete doll cabin.

                                                                               1800's dress.
                                                 ^These would be handy to have around the house!^
                                                        An amazing little treadle sewing machine.^

                                                                        Home sweet home!

We were all tired by the end of the day but we all had an amazing time!  Our family will hopefully be going to the rodeo tomorrow, so we will try to get a little post up of that in a couple days!
  Also, we are still going to get a post up of our outdoor church service mentioned here, we ended up using a friend's camera, but have yet to get the pics on our computer.
  We are working out a schedule of posts so we will be more reliable!

                                  How was your weekend ?
                                                       Is your fair coming up soon ?
                                                                       Have you ever won any ribbons/awards ?

                                                                                  ttfn             ~Rebekah

                      P.S.   We are getting closer to how we want to be set up as far as our blog design goes!
                                   We have figured out links and our google following box! Thanks for following!


  1. Looks like a fun day! :) I just love Cassie's hair, reminds me of mine before I chopped it off! Hahaha!

    1. Hi Kalin, we are soon going to have a post up about the rodeo we went to last night, check back soon, thanks, bye.... ~Rebekah


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