Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Outfit Post // All Natural Beauty Recipes ?

Hi everyone!
This week has been filled with putting our finishing touches on our projects for our County Fair that begins this coming week.Our items are due on Wednesday! We will be sure to gather our goods and show you all soon!  So, though we took pictures for three posts this week it has not happened.....I know you understand!   :)
These outfits are what we wore to church last Sunday.....We took our pictures at a bridge that goes over the Kalamazoo River, it is about a half mile away from our house.We love going down there walking or riding our bikes...It is so beautiful this time of year! I am sure that you will be seeing more of this wonderful backdrop! :)              Without further ado, here are the outfits-


 Rebekah's outfit:
Shoes: Landsend clearance  $9
Blue skirt:  Thrift store  $4
Green shirt:  Goodwill  $4
Purple undershirt: yard sale $1
Headscarf:  gift (from Sara)
Brown vintage purse: (borrowed) $5

                Sara (friend from church) came over after services and joined in on our photo shoot! ;)
               Then off we went, back home to watch the beloved Sense and Sensibility....
                                                        Love restful Sunday afternoons! :)

Sara's outfit:
Shoes: Payless  $20  (so worth it:))
Vintage nylons: gift from us :)
Green skirt: also gift from us
Purple shirt: thrift store $3

 My attire was built around this pretty pink linen shirt. My mom found it for me at one our thrift stores dollar days! :)    Oh, how I love thrifting!    I really like how it worked out with other things that I had.
My hair was a bit crazy by the time we got around to taking pictures, but oh well.

My 'where from list':
Brown shoes: yard sale  $1.50
Slip: made by me
Tan linen skirt: have had forever
White undershirt: thrift store $3
Pink linen shirt: thrift store $1
White belt: hand-me-down from aunt
Headscarf: thrift store  $1

                  Hope you all have a great Lord's day tomorrow! We are having an outdoor service before the cold weather comes.It will be so nice!  We will make sure to get some picture to share!

          I have been thinking of starting a series of posts containing all natural hair and beauty recipes that I have either tried or will be trying during the process. What do you think ? It sounds like a good way to share different ideas and thoughts about this wonderful funness (the computer does not like that word :p) to me! There is so much you can do with wonderful herbs and oils!

                                  So what do you think ?    
                                             Would you like me to take the time to do this ?
                                                        What do you like/dislike about our outfits ?
                                                                    What has been keeping you busy ?
                                                                                                                               ~ Cassie


  1. So cute! It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Thanks for commenting and following my blog- following you back! Alex

  2. You guys are tall!!!!


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