Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inspiration for Fall Outfits!

Hello friends!   Today I am posting an outfit that we took pictures for back in August I believe!  Though this is a spring/summer kind of outfit, the basics are the same for the coming- wait the season we are in!- Autumn!
So, since fall is upon us it is sad to see some of our favorite summer dresses hang in the closet till the daises bloom again- what shall we do to wear them ?    Wear a sweater! Or more common for the leafy weather, a jean jacket! One that I am sure to be posting alot of soon!

This week has been a full one! Believe it or not we had two different posts to share with you all!
Sometimes things don't go as you planned or they do and you find yourself busier than you thought possible! :)

                                                                           Wondering where I found everything ?
                                                                                Shoes: Ariat brand, goodwill, $3
                                                                                 Patchwork dress: goodwill, $5
                                                                                 Full length slip: made by me!
                                                                                 Lime green shrug: goodwill, $3
                                                                                 Green scarf/headband: thrift store, $1

Yes, great finds! This is one of my favorite 'go to' summer outfits for church services.Yes, I am somewhat sorry to say have worn it more than once! The scarf matches perfectly with the shrug and gives such a lively feel!    So, if (or when) you find yourself searching for an outfit- any time, just pull out a dress and match it up with coordinating jacket and headband! This almost always works for me.

Hope that you all are having a great week!    This had been a quick post just to say that we are still around and kickn'- no, I know that it has not been that long, but I have been wanting to share these few tips and it worked out perfectly for our 'filler' today!

For anyone who has been following The Boyer Family Singers' Finding Your Style blog series, I will be posting my personal 'outcome' outfit for the end of this great series tomorrow!   Anyone who has not have the pleasure of following along with this or have been searching for some information on this topic- your time is not up! Just click the 'Finding Your Style' blog button on our sidebar!  This was a great (and fun) help to me!
I encourage you to read through the posts and also link up your perfect personal style outfit for the coming Castle of Success party here!

Have you been following the Boyer ladies series ?   
Do you like jackets ?
What is your favorite season ?



  1. I have several summer dresses that I love to wear during the winter by doing exactly that! Sweaters and jean jackets are wonderful:)

  2. Wonderful outfit Cassie! I love how the colors blend so perfectly. I would have to say my favorite season is fall, since I can't enjoy the spring very much as I have pretty bad allergies around that time of year. :( Boohoo! At least I get to enjoy the wonderful handiwork of God in the beautiful changing colors of Autumn.
    Thank you so much for mentioning my style series! I get tickled pink when I find out someone has benefited from some of my posts, and wants to share them with others. :)


    The Middle Sister and Singer

  3. I nominated you for a blog award on my blog! :)

  4. Oh my! Thanks so much!
    ~Cassie and Rebekah

  5. Wow, that is some awesome dressing,one of my favorite style and to choose the dresses for the parties is the most difficult things in these days.


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