Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Blogger Award!

Hello!      For today, even though my schedule has been to do an outfit/sermon post for Monday nights (it has gotten dark now two nights in a row before we were free to take pics;) I am sharing what Kalin at Modesty is my Policy  has given our blessed little blog. She has awarded us with, among others, the Sunshine Award! We are thrilled!   We are surely passing it on!


"Here is what the sunshine award means, "bloggers who positively and creatively
inspire others in the blogosphere." Of course all awards have rules for awarding people. Rules below. (Please read with care if you have been awarded)"
First, the nominee must
thank the blogger that nominated her and link to her blog. 
Next she must nominate ten bloggers for the award and let them know. 
Then, she must answer a list of 10 questions and post to her blog.  
Finally, the Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog!


                                                                       For the Questions!

1.) What are your favorite animals ?   
            Cassie-  cats and horses                     Rebekah- horses! all of them really!
2.) What is your utmost favorite dessert ?
             Cassie- cheese cake                         Rebekah-raspberries!
3.) When are your birthdays ?
             Cassie- August 5                              Rebekah- September 21
4.) What is your favorite book series ?
              Cassie- Lynn Austin's Refiner's Fire Series      Rebekah- Lauraine Snelling's High Hurdles series  
5.) What are your favorite past times ?
              Cassie- sewing/reading/knitting/working outside         Rebekah- reading/journalism/crocheting
6.) What is your favorite color ?
              Cassie- green                                  Rebekah- green
7.) What are some of your favorite movies/series ?
     Cassie- Dr. Quinn/Sense and Sensibility/Christy     Rebekah-The Waltons/The Patriot/Sound of Music 
8.) Where do you go to school ?
               We are homeschooled! :)
9.) When did you start your blog ?
                July 21 2013
10.) What do you believe in terms about getting to Heaven ?
            We believe that Jesus came two thousand years ago to die for ALL sinners- all mankind- and that once you believe in Him and confess your sins you will be saved from an eternal life in Hell! This is the only way to be saved!   If you have any questions please ask!

                                                                         Now for our nominees!
                                                               ~ Natasha at Natasha Atkerson- A Modest Fashion Blog
                                                               ~ Ms. Style at Sunday Best and All The Rest
                                                               ~ The Boyer Sisters at Boyer Family Singers 
                                                               ~  Natasha Marie at Day by Day
                                                               ~  Lauren Hope at A Corner Pillar
                                                               ~  Bailey at Big House In The Little Woods
                                                               ~ The ladies at Lavender Patch 
                                                               ~ Bree at Cover Up For Christ 
                                                               ~ The ladies at Silk and Purple 
                                                               ~ Laura at Lilacs and Lace 

  *We will be notifying all of these lovely ladies on their individual blogs.

                                        Once last big thanks to Kalin for making all this possible! 
                                                                  We are truly honored! 

We hope to be hearing from all those that we have awarded soon! And that you may find a new favorite blog to follow! This ladies are ALL so inspiring! Much peace and blessings to each of you!

                                                                   Cassie and Rebekah
                                                                                                             Written by: Cassie

P.S.   I will be sharing our sermon/outfit post tomorrow! Thanks!


  1. Congratulations and thank you so much for awarding me! :D I look forward to continuing to following each other! I know Kalin reused the question from the person which awarded her and that you have a different set from her. Should I reuse your questions or make some up? :)

    1. As do we! We did about half and half(used I think 4 of the same ones), whatever you want!

    2. Cool! I think I might need to find some lovely new blogs to nominate. I don't follow very many yet. Heh! :)

    3. :) Yup, that is fine, you can do it whenever you want! Thanks!

  2. I'm happy you had fun with it! :) Love the questions as well, and I'll be checking out the nominee's that you nominated! Love finding new blogs. :)

  3. Also, I just found something hilarious!!!! The person you nominated who blogs at the "A Corner Pillar" photographed my cousin's wedding!! If you go back one post, they are MaryBeth and Tyler!

    1. O my goodness! Crazy! The pictures were lovely!

  4. Thank so much ladies for nominating us!


    -The Boyer Sisters

  5. This is really, embarrassing - I only just now noticed that you nominated me. :) Thank you! (BTW: Cassie, you and I share a birthday!)


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