Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's Finished! Vol.2 // Pants to Skirt Tutorial

Hey everyone!   I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
Yesterday,we went to some great sales at some thrift stores! :)  One had all their clothes $1 each and the other had their entire store 60% off!  We had so much fun!
Sales like these are the perfect opportunity to purchase things to repurpose! 

SO, today I am not only sharing how my project turned out, but a tutorial on it! I have had people ask me a few times about how I trasform a pair of pants into a skirt- so I just took a few pictures as I went along.
Hopefully this will answer any questions that you may have had and will help you out!

     Selecting the right pant for this project is critical!
  •  To find the right pair, look for a size or two bigger than what you would wear.
  • Find some that are baggy/strait legged.
  • Try your very best to get some without double top stitching.
  • The darker the fabric the more flattering it will look.

  First, try them on and mark how long you want it to be, making sure to add seam allowance. I use chalk.
 Mark it all the way across, making sure the tops of the pants are together and the legs are as flat as possible.
                                                                                            Cut across the line.
                                 Now cut or seam rip up one leg to the other. If you make sure to not cut any fabric off, you will have a per-ironed/folded edge to work with.
 Now put them back on and pin over as much as possible/comfortably the old crotch part, laying it flat.
 Since I was able to find a pair without top stitching I cut out that part in the back.Other wise you have a big, thick, lump to work with.This is my most annoying part in the look of these kinds of skirts- the folded over 'loop'.SO, make sure to get some without the stitching! It is so much easier and much more flattering look!
                                         Then, just put right sides together,pinning the difference, leaving walking room.
 Okay, ^this is what you are working toward next. Lay your extra 'leg' material under the 'V' shape, pin around in place, again, leaving walking room.Now you know how wonderful the folded edge is! It lays so nicely!
                                               The inside of what you just did should look like this.^
                                                      Next, cut back the fabric around the pins.

 On to the sides- I saw on Pinterest, a neat idea in dressing up the frumpy looking side seams.Add a gadget!
                                                               For mine I seam-ripped about 5.5" up.
                                                                   And gave 2 1/4" of leeway.
                                                                  ^Same process as before for the sides.^
 After all four sides are in place, pin down your hem. I just folded over about a 1/4" of raw edge- to later zig-zag.
                                                               This is how it will look- ready to sew!
 For all my seams I topped stitched them. For around the V's I made a strait stitch. Then skipped over the bottom of them as I rounded the bottom he in a traditional zig-zag, making sure to catch the edge.

                                                                   And here we are! Completely finished!
                                                          You now have a fixable, handmade, lovely skirt!
                                                                          Wear it with modest pride!  :)

            wellies, goodwill, $10 // Skirt, made by me, $1.40 // Undershirt, thrifted, $2 // Purple Sweater, Ruff Hewn, thrifted, $1

 I also have wonderful, fun 'gift' to share with you. Natasha, from Day by Day, is having a great sale over at her etsy shop! This is a fabulous opportunity to buy some of her lovely things for Christmas gifts! She does beautiful work and has a verity of colors featuring her products! Make sure to look through her shop before the sale is over! Oh, and her blog *sigh* make sure to give her a follow! If you like our blog (and Dr. Who:)), you will love her blog, I do! Though I have yet to watch any of her epic Dr. show. :)

                                                                       Have you ever made a skirt from pants before ?
                                                                                    How was your Thanksgiving ?

                                                     Hoping for a wonderful Lord's day for y'all tomorrow!
                                                                                                   Your Writer,


  1. Fantastic tutorial! I've made a skirt out of pants before, and I loved it! Actually, I have a pair of camo jeans that are begging to be turned into a skirt. :)
    Thank you so much for sharing about my shop sale!! :D
    My Thanksgiving was wonderful. I love spending time with my grandparents, and eating delicious food. ;)

  2. Hi! I love this post! Yes, I have made a skirt from pants before, but so far they haven't turned out so well. Your tips should help me out some!
    We had a lovely Thanksgiving! We have had a week off, and it has been a lot of fun. How much did you have off for Thanksgiving?
    Have a marvelous and restful Lord's Day! God Bless!!!

  3. Hey! I'm glad this helped you out some! They are tricky!
    Really, we only took off the end of the week, from Wednesday on...starting up again tomorrow!

  4. Wow, Cassie, that skirt turned out so cute! Thanks for the pictures and information on how you did it! I have several pairs of pants that someone gave us that I'm saving up for just this purpose :) Now to find the time.....

    Also, thanks for faithfully commenting on our blog! I really wish I could comment here more, but our internet at home doesn't let us comment for some reason - so I comment from our grandparents' when I can :)

    1. Thanks so much Grace!
      Yes, finding the time to sew is the tricky part!

      Thank you for telling me about your commenting situation.It is great to know that we have supporters in our lovely little State. :)


  5. The skirt turned out wonderful! I can't recall ever making a skirt from pants, although my Mom has refashioned a mini jean skirt into a modest skirt by adding ruffles.


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