Monday, December 2, 2013

In Striped Vest and Rose Jacket

Whew! Long day everyone, we will see how far I get with this!  :)
How was your end of the week? Ours seemed to fly by so quickly! I can't believe that I got some sewing in and even posted about it, it seems so long ago!

 This vest and skirt I bought during the last couple of weeks. Our Goodwill has been marking their skirts at three dollars instead of their regular four dollar price. That day I found three fabulous skirts, including this one. I love the eyelet insets that add texture and fullness to the skirt. I am one who goes for tan skirts more than the traditional black, to get away from the mundane denim.This will be wonderfully dreamy for the summer also. :) 
 This vest. I love it! The original price I am sure was nothing to scoff at, the brand is Talbots, they make really nice designer clothing. The stripe and color blends with a lot of my wardrobe.And guess how much I payed for it,a total of one dollar! I found it at the sale I mentioned in my last post. I think that I can get a lot of wear out of this new-to-me item.
I also love how it ties in the back instead of the regular D ring closure.

I am also wearing dark brown shoes which we didn't end up taking pictures of. Just imagine a super cute pair of pleated toe, ankle strap shoes, that I have been wearing like crazy ever since I bought them last week! You will see them soon...
              Shoes, American Eagle, thrifted, $3 // Slip, made by me // Skirt, goodwill, $3 // Undershirt, thrifted, $1 // Brown shirt,
                              goodwill, $4 // Striped vest, Talbots, thrifted, $1 // Headband, Goody, $1 // Tooled Barrett, fair stand, $5

Rebekah also found a great deal on this adorable jacket, originally from Land's End.The color looks SO nice and fresh. Love it! We also payed a dollar for it.
Her outfit blends nicely because of the matching skirt and hat. The cord texture of the hat and jacket bring in a warm look. Having a pattern and basic brown leg wear give a completed, solid, finished look.
The vibrant colored blazer brings life...and leads up to her face.

That is all the sermon I will be sharing for today. :)  I may add it into another post yet this week. I just don't want to be slurring out verses and such, and you have no idea what I am talking about- because I am ready to hit the hay! 
 Danskos, gifted // Stockings, gifted // Slip, made by me // Skirt, thrifted, White Stag, $4 // Undershirt, thrifted, $2 // Green
                                                   shirt, gifted // Rose jacket, Lands' End, thrifted, $1! // Hat, borrowed from me, gifted

                                                                          SO, tel me about your week!
                                       Did you get any clothes this week that you are anxious about wearing ?                                                                                          Cassie

P.S. I would like to welcome our new followers! It is great to know that our little blog is reaching out and bringing smiles to many! I would really love to know how you found us! Many blessings!


  1. Cassie, what super new clothes! That skirt is so pretty. :) Rebekah's new jacket is darling; I like how she put it into a preppy outfit with the green blouse.
    My week has been busy too, but we took Saturday off to just relax all day. That was lovely. :)
    (By the way, this is Ms. Style, I just switched to my real first name. :) )

  2. Well, we girls haven't *bought* any clothes recently (as in the past couple of weeks :) ), but we did go through our closet last week, and each of us four oldest girls picked out three things that we had never worn before that we want to incorporate into our wardrobe, and we are trying to wear them at least once this week. I'm wearing the third of my three picks, and I've enjoyed branching out a bit!

    I don't know if I qualify as a "new" follower, but I found you through one of your comments on Fresh Modesty :)


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