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Bekah's Book Reviews // Si-Cology 101

Hi all! Today will be a book review about "Si-Cology 101 ONE!"      You've most likely all heard of the TV show (Even 'isolated homeschoolers' like us have!  ;-P )  'Duck Dynasty', and the family it's about, the Robertsons.  What you probably don't know is that Louisiana's favorite redneck uncle has written a book to tell us all about their life before it became a hit reality show. 

Filled to the brim with Si's exciting (and sometimes comedic) adventures it was just what I needed to cheer me up in this week of being practically snowed in! So - on with the review!
The following is the preface from the book.

As you read this book, there are a few things you have to understand: 95 percent of my stories are truthful. Every member of the Robertson family has the God-given gift of storytelling. Hey, when you've sat in a duck blind for more than half of your life, you have to figure out some way to pass the time! It's better than looking at Willie and Jase for six hours! Many of the stories I like to tell happened when I was a young boy or when I was in Vietnam. At my age, a few of the details are cloudy, but I'll recollect the coming stories as best I can. Hey, just remember it isn't a lie if you think it's true! It's up to you, the reader, to figure out what's truth and what's fiction. Best of luck with that, Jack! May the force be with you.

Hey, another thing you have to know: my stories are kind of like my vocabulary. You might have noticed I like to say hey quite a bit. Hey can mean anything. It can mean yes, it can mean maybe, and it can mean no. Hey, it could mean next week.The bottom line is, you have to understand to understand me.

And if you know anything about Silas Merritt Robertson, you know I'm a hard rascal to figure out.
 One of my favorite stories from the book is about when he was on tour in Vietnam, he and another soldier were guarding a brand-new truck engine and they heard some noise coming from inside the building where it was stored. After investigating, they assumed it was just some animals scavenging about.        Can you guess what it really was? I'll let you read it right from the horse's mouth.

One day we had a brand-new deuce-and-a-half diesel engine come to us in a metal box. New engines were like gold in Vietnam. Most of our vehicles were pretty out-dated, so it was rare we acquired new equipment... 

That night, my buddy and I were on guard duty. We had to cover a pretty big compound so we started the night walking the fence in opposite directions. About an hour later we hooked back up again for a cigarette break. "You see anything?" I asked him. "Nah, I didn't see anything," he said. "Me either." Suddenly, we heard a noise coming from the motor-pool. I called the watch tower and told them to shoot a flare over the motor-pool. They fired and it lit up the whole area- we quickly scanned the area and did not see anything unusual. I called watch tower again and told them to send a flare up over the pond (Where we dumped all of the old vehicle frames we stripped), wanting to make sure there weren't any Charlie swimming back across to the South-Vietnamese military compound.

When a flare lit up the sky again I looked out at the pond and saw the brand-new deuce-and-a-half engine floating in the water.

There was a Vietnamese person swimming on either side of it. The two men were swimming with one arm and holding the engine up with the other! They were stroking their free arms kind of like Olympians do in the butterfly stroke. You have to understand, this was a 478-cubic-inch engine that probably weighed close to 1,650 pounds!
I looked over to my buddy. "Do you see a raft?"  After picking his jaw up off the ground, he answered.

You'll have to buy or borrow the book to find out how this army escapade turned out!  The rest of the book includes how he got through college, met and married his wife Christine, lived out his faith in God, and had his two kids, Trasa and Scott.
 I really enjoyed reading 'Si-Cology 101' and I'm sure you will too!

Thanks for reading my post!  

                                                           Have you ever heard of the Robertsons?
                                                                      Do you have any Duck Commander products?

                               ~Rebekah,the second-oldest    

The photo-a-day series will begin next Friday instead, for those of you who remembered, Cassie said I would post it today but I did not have the photos yet!  ;-P


  1. Love love love the Robertsons' and I've been meaning to pick up a copy for awhile...this makes me even more eager to buy one!

    1. I love 'em too! ;-) I remember the post you did a while back when the whole 'ban Phil from the show' thing was going on. (It was great and straight-to-the-point!) Thanks for commenting Kalin! ~Rebekah

  2. I hope to read this soon!

    1. Thanks for commenting Khloe! I have a question for you about the Fashion Show, is the voting still open? If so, how do I go about it? Thanks! ~Rebekah


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