Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Black + Dark Solids || New blog Series

Happy weekend to you!
Even though we have been snowed in this week, it has given me the chance to get a sewing project started and let me say, I am so glad that I finished it today so I can share it with ya next week!

This simple outfit is one that I donned to Church services a few weeks ago.Though the weather looks completely the same...even more so it is snowing as I type.It took me a good 45 minutes to shovel the path and gates back to the animal dwellings just yesterday and already they are blown over with 7 inches today! Not really looking forward to the same scenario tomorrow- that is if our services are not cancelled. Then I will just sleep in and hope that another good soul will take it up before me. :)

So, this outfit. It was built around this lovely sweater that I also received as a gift at Christmas time.I added my ancient dark aqua blue cotton maxi to add to the texture of the ruffled seamed sweater.Adding a like hue purple tank (worn backward) for color instead of black.Then, mixing both the solid black and the dark colored hues with my hair accessories (below) finished my regal elegant styled look.

Shoes- goodwill $3 | Slip- made by me | Skirt- ? had since I was ten! | Undershirt- thrifted $1 | Sweater- CUREO brand, gifted 
                                                              Headband and bobby pin roses, gifted

I am sure you are all in wonder what the new blog series will feature.Well, I have had a super amount of encouragement these past few weeks on head covering. Don't get freaked! :) I have not decided or been convicted to cover. I have just been having a huge amount of fun with it!
After considering the thought of sharing with all of you what I have been learning I decided to 'lay out my fleece' and do a little secret survey with my last post.If you all picked out of my outfit the wrap I wore with that outfit and asked for a tutorial, I knew it would be exactly what I was to do- share styles and ways to cover your hair for the glory of God. Goodness, did I get some amazing (at least to me) comments! Though this topic usually does, take note that I did not utter a single word about it!
Not only did I receive requests for a tutorial, but stories from ladies who are being prompted to cover and of girls who have just been personally shown what the Lord wants from them who have no inspiration. I am so blessed to be used by God in this way! I can't wait to share with you this form of fabulous beauty!

 Stay tuned! As soon as Bek and I get a studio (aka a decant place to film) set up I will be putting up tutorials on how to cover with fabulous beauty and outstanding style! Please pray for us!

                                                             What have you been up to this weekend?
                                                                      Have any plans for the Sabbath?
                                                         Do you have any questions about the new series?
                                                                              Shalom and blessings!
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  1. Can't wait to see the tutorials, girls! I'll be adding one of your buttons to my blog ASAP!

  2. Hi Cassie and Rebekah! I am soooo excited about your new blog series!! Lately, I have felt called to cover. It was one of those things that kept being put on my heart. I was pretty stubborn about it for a while, but am coming to realize that, if Jesus died on the cross for me, I should be willing to follow His leading. He is so gracious and so loving. He guides me so tenderly, even when I don't follow as I should.

    I really look forward to your tutorials. Lately I have been looking for inspiration! I wear a lot of large headband style coverings. I make my coverings to resemble Garlands of Grace coverings. Their products are so pretty!
    God Bless!

  3. What a beautiful outfit, Cassie! :D I look forward to your series. It isn't something that I have been convicted about at this point, but I am interested in seeing what you will do and how other ladies will be encouraged. :)
    I just added one of your buttons. Yay!

  4. You look very pretty (as usual)! I'm excited about your new series! Although personally I haven't been convicted on head coverings, it is a very interesting topic I'd love to hear about!
    I'll go add one of your buttons! :)

  5. Hey girls! Love the outfit so much...I just can't get over how cute those shoes are! Adorable! You look beautiful, and I love how you put up your hair! Feel free to check out my own little modesty fashion blog and tell me what you thought of it!

    Enjoyed your post so much!

    Ashley B.


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