Monday, February 3, 2014

Funk+Fab || in Ol' 50's Skirt

Hello dearies! I am hoping that your weekend was fabulous! I am so happy that our Church services went as planned instead of being cancelled as I was dreading.Since our pastor is out of town, we were blessed to have a dear elder gentleman, who has past connections with our church, deliver the Word.It was wonderful! So wonderful I guess that I not only was so I intrigued  that my Bible note journal lay out on my lap the entire service instead of being used, but I also forgot to get a copy of the service on cd! I will have to make it a point to grab one next week so I can share it with you more fully than just as I remember.I think that it is about time that my sermon summary's have a comeback.How about you?

As I was pondering what exactly to write along with this little outfit post, it struck me that we have never done an Awk and Awe!So Bek and I made up our own name and are going to share some with you today! I love reading these posts on other blogs because they are fun to read while giving a testimony about what is going on in your life without having to get into personal detail.They can make you laugh and smile.Bring out the writer side of the blogger and can can reach out to a lot of readers in different areas of their lives.

  • Having a friend, who never stops by, come over unannounced to drop off Mission Trip money while you are still in your nightgown because you slept in too late.
  • Picking up a string because out of the corner of your eye it looks like a pin, while you are trying to set a rounded hem.
  • Shoveling snow above my head...It is getting so deep on the sides of our drive that we have to heave it up and over our heads to make a 'road' for the van to be able to get out.
  • Having my hose slowly fall down during a Mission Team meeting. :P
  • Having a friend wear a (shall we say) very bold accessory to church- you having no clue whether to comment about it or not end up saying nothing and feeling bad about it the rest of the day because it probably took a lot of gumption to wear and I really could have said something.
  • Being asked by your relatively city-ish relatives, if you need a rooster to get eggs.
  • Sweating during church because you are used to having your house temp set at only 58* instead of 80*.
  • Being asked if we are Amish, all. the. time!
  • Having a new acquaintance  ask  'how is school?' before they find out that you 'don't go to school'.
  • Bringing your clumsy Saint Bernard to a public setting and having him slobber on a ladies' leather purse while she's cooing to him, which is awkward enough in itself!
  • The salesmen at Sam's Club trying to sell you 'Direct TV' every time you go there. And, every time, you have a long shpeel ready about how we do not watch TV and even if we did we can not get a signal in the woods.
  • The salesmen trying to convince you that we could get a signal with their amazing service... 
  •  People being afraid to drink raw milk..[Don't even get us started on this!  ;-) ]  
  • Having people ask me when I am graduating and having to explain everything- I have been half way finished since last summer, but still working on the advanced stuff. :)
  • Winning the Serenity Runaway Fashion Show! If you voted for me thank you so much! :)
  • Having my cousin ask me to watch her kiddos for the next few days! She, in return is giving me a substantial amount toward my ticket fair for the Mission Trip! I am so blessed by her and her husband for this opportunity! 
  • Argan oil! It is every bit as fabulous as I have heard! Just wonderful on hair!
  • Joining The Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge this year! I am so happy to have been directed to it! I will be sharing my projects with you all for sure!
  • All that we have. As our Mission Trip draws closer, it becomes a reality how much we are blessed.
  •  Music. Isn't it just wonderful?!
  • 'Daisy' my sewing machine. It is so amazing to me how wonderful she deals with everything! I always want to have a treadle in my life! :)
  •  Wondering what this year holds.
  • All my blogger friends. Love you all so much!  :)
  • Trying to finish up school!!
  • Anticipating how close the Mission Trip is getting and pondering our 'last minute' fundraisers and seeing our amount rise faithfully.
  • Putting together our passports! So exiting!
  • Hearing from people how much they enjoy our blog and being amazed at their kind words and thoughtful prayers!

    Shoes- gifted // Stockings- ? // Petticoat- made by me // Skirt- vintage- free! // Belt- recently thrifted $2 // Undershirt- goodwill $2 // Blouse- goodwill $4 // Headband- gifted

I have had this skirt for about four years and have wore it quite a bit since then.And since I know most of you love the stories that can come along with fabulous vintage clothes, let me take a moment to share with you mine.We found this skirt with at our first Estate Sale among the owner's nursing uniforms from the early 50's.She said her mother made it for her when she went away for schooling after WW2! With that bit of history she flipped it over to see that the head of the zipper was missing and with that she tossed it to us saying to either have at it or throw it out! Even though the zipper's head was no longer intact and the hem was coming loose, I of course brought it home to mend and love. It has been a favorite of mine ever since!

                                            With that my friends I will say farewell! I hope you have a great week!
                                                          Have you had anything especially wonderful lately?
                                             Have you ever been bestowed upon a vintage treasure just for the taking? 
                                                                         What do you think about 'Funk+Fab'?


  1. Cute retro outfit! :)
    I like your funk and fab lists! :D I can relate to having awkward moments with one's dog...oh dear. Also, it sounds like you're doing well with funding for your mission trip. Yay!

  2. I love your outfit! Looks like something I would wear! And the history on it!
    By the way your "funk and fab" is great! ;)
    Blessings on your trip!

  3. Where are you going on your Mission Trip? If you'd rather not answer that's fine :) ~Chloe

    1. No that is fine! We are going to Lithuania!
      I just added a tab at the top of our page if you would like to know more!


  4. Haha, I loved your Funky and Fab lists! That's so neat having a real vintage skirt and knowing the story behind it! :)

  5. Cassie, that's a wonderful story about the skirt! It's so pretty.
    I'm so glad that you're going to be participating in the Historical Sew Fortnightly too! I can't wait to see what you make!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. I love your Funky and Fabulous list! Very fun! I couldn't help but laugh when you said how you were sweating in church because your house is always cold! That happens to me all.the.time!!
    Your outfit is adorable! You look so nice in it!


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