Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Finished! (Vol.5) || FM's Errand #17 Skirt

Happy Saturday ladies! Well, our room is freshly dusted, the dishes are up to date and am so excited to share with you my project today! Most of you will probably remember my last skirt that I made, the Destination Skirt from Fresh Modesty's e-book, 'How To Sew Denim', and how happy I was with it. Well, if it is possible to be any more happy with the perfect fit of a skirt it would be with this fabulous, long version, the Errand #17 Skirt.The flowy-ness of it is wondrous! Walking in it is heavenly! I already have another version of my own nearly completed to share with y'all! 
Please pick up a copy if you have been thinking about it! You will never be sorry!

A few details:

Fabric: I used a 8oz. denim- that is, I am guessing. My mom actually found the perfect amount at a thrift
              store for just $4! Yippy!

Pattern: E-book by Fresh Modesty, the Errand #17 version.

Hours to Complete: Hmmm...let's see...I am guessing around 4 or 5.

Notions: Thread (probably $2 worth)
                 Buttons (cut off of a blazor that we thrifted, $1)
                 Zipper (cut out of a sweater that was also thrifted at $1)

First worn: I of course tried it on directly after it was completed, but I didn't leave the house in it 'til
                     three or four days later.

Total cost: About $8!! Yay!

Make again? I already have! :)

Wear again? For sure and certain!

On the outfit end of this post I just kind of threw on what I felt like and thought I could keep slightly warm in while taking our little shoot.It is one of those that you don't hate but don't adore outfits to me. :)
I do really like this little crocheted vest that I picked up while thrifting last week.It is a bit more trendy than I usually go for, but then again I liked it- so I spend the astounding amount of one whole dollar on it.
Not much to lose if I end up re-donating it! :)

            Boots- Ariat Fat Babys- consignment store $65 // Skirt- made by me- fabric thrifted $4 // Undershirt- thrifted- $2 // 
               Brown blouse- goodwill- $3 // Crocheted vest- thrifted- $1 // Floral tichel- thrifted- $1 // Aqua tichel- thrifted- $1

Sorry to kind of post and run, but I have a few more things to complete tonight before I turn in.

Hopefully our Church services will not be cancelled because of our blizzardous weather again.I am really looking forward to seeing my church family and hearing the word.

                                                                          Been sewing anything?
                                                           What are your thoughts on my project? 
                                               If you have any questions about this skirt let me know!
                                                           Love and peace to you on our Lord's day!


  1. You did splendid work on the skirt! It looks perfect for the cold weather. :) I also like your crocheted vest. Good find!

  2. Love the skirt! :D It's very pretty! I would really like to make one like that!

  3. The skirt is fantastic! Great job, Cassie! :)

  4. Great job! I love the outfit.

  5. Beautifully done! I haven't made a piece of clothing from a pattern for I can't tell you how long. Cute!


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