Monday, March 3, 2014

Funk + Fab // New Clothes // Sledding

Hey y'all! Today's post will include an outfit I wore to church a few weeks ago, some photos I took in our woods while sledding, and all the stuff that's been funky and fabulous in our life lately!  ;-)
                                                                                Here goes!

I seem to have a case of 'blimey cow' hands in this picture! (It was SUPER windy and freezing out though!)

Can you tell I'm frozen in these pictures???
Shoes-?// Skirt-Goodwill, $4// Black longsleeve shirt-yard sale,$? //Cardigan-Goodwill, $3// Silver pin-borrowed from Mom //
I borrowed this sterling pin from my Mom...

This pink flowered headband coordinated well - because I didn't have enough time to do much with my hair! (Good thing I braided it the night before!)

            I bought this green skirt and brown cardigan at Goodwill after a day of grocery shopping. As usual... we were the last ones out the door. ;-)   Next up: funky and fabulous!

  • Trying to pose for the above photos in 30 below with 300 mile per hour winds! [At least that's what it felt like!]       :-D
  • Wanting something slightly new in your you change the top book that your clock sits on. Exciting, no?
  • Walking back from doing the morning chores when you hear a big commotion to your right- 8 squirrels fighting in a tree above your head!!!
  • Vacuuming your dusty window sill and accidentally sucking up a ladybug, then thinking- what a horrible way to go!
  • Awkwardly staring at the ground when your neighbors drive by after church. "We're just standing on the road taking pictures for our blog... in the freezing cold during a blizzard."
  • Watching Duck Dynasty while wearing 'Happy Happy Happy' socks. How could I have not bought them when I saw 'em in the Meijer's clearance? 
  • Cooking at someone else's house- how can you cook without a 50 pound bag of flour at your side?
  • Having your Mom call up,"Lupper time!" (Lunch/supper- 4:00ish Sunday afternoon) 
  • Seeing our Dad's truck without the topper on...
  • Going into your little sisters' room with your shawl over your head and the seven year old instantly falls on one knee telling the other little girl on the top bunk "I'm proposing".  And then saying that it reminded her of 'Fiddler' - aka Fiddler on the Roof.  :)

  • The book "The Swan House".
  • Getting some new schoolroom furniture.
  • A day without snow.
  • Mashed potatoes!
  • Going sledding without getting frozen to the bone!
  • Having a day where it doesn't get dark 'til 7:00 p.m.!
  • My Holland Lop rabbit, Mopsey- she's so sweet!
  • Summer thunderstorms! (I can't wait 'til summer if you can't tell!)
  • Birch and weeping willow trees!
  • Eating Kixs cereal after not having it forever! Yay for the clearance section!
  • And the last one: bacon-caramel-raspberry-vanilla-ice~cream! (It truly is delicious!!!)
  • Having to get 'business cards' for the blog because so many friends ask about it!
  • Pulling out your hope chest to dust/vacuum behind it and finding a mini bag of unopened Skittles that you forgot you stashed there.

Harvey says HI!

Snow fun! Ha.aha.HA.  ;-)

Squirrel tracks...


What I wore...

 Havah's ears...

Slobber-cycles! ;-P

Trees--Havah's saddle--a twig cross--license plate/arrow to the sledding hill--the boys sledding--Peter taking a break.
Thanks for reading!!!

So...what was your favorite part of this post? 
Outfit? Sledding? Or funk+fab?
                                          Do you live in or near a forest?                                           


By the way- would any of you be interested in a *Haystack Hymns series? (*Videos of us singing our favorite songs.)  Leave your opinion in a comment please! Thanks! Oh and all the 'Funk and Fab' happenings were both Cassie's and my own.


  1. A very cute outfit! Haystack Hymns sound great! I really like the Bible verse! :D
    Bubbles And Blessings!

  2. My favorite part would be sledding... Really love some of those pictures!

  3. What pretty winter photos! Once again, Harvey looks so cute and goofy (can you tell I like dogs? :P).
    It was fun to read your funk and fab! My favorite "funks" were changing your book and vacuuming the poor ladybug! My favorite "fabs" were Kix, blog business cards and birch and willow trees.
    Oh, and Haystack Hymns sounds fun!

    1. Thanks for commenting Paige! We aren't quite sure if we're going to do the Haystack Hymns yet but we'll see! ;-]

  4. Haha, "Blimey Cow hands" :) Becca and I have just recently been watching those videos, and they are hilarious!
    That looks like a narrow sledding path! We don't have to worry about trees so much where we sled, but there is a frozen creek at the bottom of the hill. :O
    Haystack Hymns sound neat! It would be fun to hear you guys sing!


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