Friday, March 28, 2014

March || Photo-a-Day || Week Nine

Friday: laundry day; sorting.This is about 1/8 of the laundry we put away on laundry days!
Saturday: our gerber daisy in full bloom and after Sabbath Meeting Mom and Dad went to see the new movie "God's Not Dead". And yay! It's warm enough out for bare feet!  No, I'm not kidding. If you're from MI, 48 degrees is warm enough to go out barefooted! Snow or no!     ;-)
Sunday: reading together at night. [Sorry it's so blurry!]
Monday: a frosty fence post... [Yup...nothing much happened on Monday!]
Tuesday: yes. We got an inch of snow on March 25!
Wednesday: our 'babysitted sister' wearing Melody's ariat boots- adorable!
Thursday: homemade raspberry kringle!
Today: our youngest sister trucking along on her school so she can spend the rest of the day with a friend.
                          Well my Mom's calling up that she needs the computer so it'll have to be farewell now!  

                                                                                             Have a good weekend bye!


  1. Lovely pictures! I love how these pictures offer a window into your every day life. God Bless,
    Natalie :)

  2. I love the pictures of your sisters reading together, and your raspberry kringle looks sooo good!

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! It was delicious! ;-)

  3. I have been so bad about commenting lately on blogs. Life just kinda does that to ya now and then I guess. I have been reading ya'lls post though and enjoying them! That said, My that raspberry kringle looks SO yummy!

    Hey, you gave your blog a face lift.: ) It looks great!

  4. Wow!! I love your blog's new look :D

  5. Nice!!!! I love your gals' new look for your blog....super sweet! Enjoyed the pictures as well! =D


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