Saturday, April 26, 2014

Funk + Fab || Outfit

Hey everyone!
I put this outfit together after completely reorganizing my half of our closet a while back and wore it the a few days later, April 12th. 
Seems so long ago!

                                                           It was a gorgeous and warm day!

 I was going to wear a black undershirt but decided gray made the vest stand out more... Plus, all of our black ones were in the wash!
I wore it first to our Sabbath group, and then to church the next morning but with my hair different, shown in the photo below.

This photo was taken at a creek with a small waterfall close to our land, and I am pondering whether or not to do a post with the pictures I took while there... Any opinions on whether or not I should? Here's a preview!

Okay!  Back to this post!

Green sprouts!!!

This sterling silver hair barrette matched the gray leather vest perfectly!

Shoes- Goodwill, $3 // Black maxi- Goodwill, $4 \\ Gray undershirt- ? // Purple button up- Goodwill, $4 \\ Gray leather vest- handed down from forever! //

  • Letting the groundhog go on your Uncle's property and catching another groundhog 2 days later.
  • Stopping at an abandoned restaurant parking lot [at night] to meet your aunt and give her something she left at your house. When she pulls up next to you and says," It looks like we're making a 'drop'!"  (As in: selling drugs.)  Then someone drives by and yells out their open windows "Drug deal drug deal!!!"  It was weird but hilarious! You see, Holland isn't too bad a town but it certainly has it's share of bad apples, so when you see 2 black cars handing something between them in an empty parking lot at night, you probably assume something's up. We both were in black cars. HAHAHA!
  • I already mentioned this in the photo-a-day but, having your computer start smoking and blaring a loud beep over and over!
  • Driving home in a snow storm on April 14!
  • Realizing you are closer to your 16th birthday than ever before. Hahaha...
  • Thinking it was dawn and being ready to get up then you look outside and it was the moon! It was 4:30 a.m.!
  • Getting up at 7:00 to miss the bathroom rush, and you still don't miss it.
  • Going to the wrong farm to buy hay and no one is there. You wait for 7 minutes before calling the guy and he says,"Well you're not at my house!" 
  • Checking on the fox den to see if perhaps he has moved on of his own accord, but instead finding the remains of some unfortunate forest dwellers.
  •  Thinking a lizard was a bird with its head under a wing until it slithered into the water and swam away! It was the biggest one I've ever seen in the wild! Probably a foot long!
  • Getting magazines early! Recently we got a May/June magazine! It's still April people! Hahaha...
  • Having the camera (iPhone) in a ziploc bag while at the creek then having to take it out every time I was taking a photo!
  • Thinking you are going to pay $5 dollars a bale for the hay you are buying, then only paying $4.50! YAY!
  • Letting 2 four week old bull calves suck on your fingers while Dad and Peter load the hay! They were adorable!
  • Playing Apples to Apples outside in the sun on the grass with our friends.
  • Singing 'Days of Elijah' during worship. One of my favorites!
  • Watching 'Courageous' on a movie night. Love that movie!
  • Finding out you have 2 new cousins on the way!!!
  • Getting a slight touch of sunburn from sitting in the woods reading.
  • Finding some beautiful pheasant feathers while on a walk in the woods with a friend.
  • Walking with our friend Sara through the blueberry fields at the farm where we work when all of a sudden a giant Canada goose drake flies up out of the water and across the pasture right in front of you! It was majestic!
  • Having an outfit picked out 3 days in advance!
  • Getting the newest NGJ magazine! 
  • Finally finishing this post! [It has been a draft for nigh on 2 weeks!]

How was y'alls week? Mine was fairly fun! We had our first Dutch Heritage Show practice at the actual location where we'll be performing and it went swell! And while thrifting I bought a pair of Nike leggings, 2 skirts, 2 tunics, 4 shirts, a pair of shoes, a pair of loose linen pants [To wear under skirts while working in Lithuania...], 3 tennis balls for Harvey, and a bumper sticker for the grand total of $18.98! A pretty good deal if I do say so myself, considering the leggings alone would about $10 new! Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to finish my breakfast of a Mackintosh apple, and head upstairs to do a gibson tuck in my hair! [Or rather: have Cassie do it!]

Have you got any wonderful thrifted items lately?
Do you own any vests?
How do you stay modest while working in potentially immodest situations?

Thanks for reading!
                                           the second eldest: writer and photographer


  1. i love this post! it made my laugh out loud at times and then go 'aw'! these funk and fab posts are awesome. love the barrette in your hair. so pretty!

  2. What a swell time you all have been having up there! It sounds like the Spring weather has taken a hold and filling your lives with beautiful new things! I do love the pictures of the creek and think it would make a great post! Cant wait!

    Your outfit is very lovely, and I very much admire that heather grey vest of yours, as I have one or two grey sweater-vests myself. :)

    In regards to your question of what modest attire to wear during a potentially immodest situation, I'll have to say that when I am working at our local Greenhouse/Nursery, I usually try to wear a roomy pair of cotton, knee length pants, or else a long denim skirt with leggings underneath (if its cold). For my top, I will wear a junky T with a sweatshirt over it if it is cold, and if it is hot, I will wear a scoop-neck tank backwards so there is no worry of cleavage. I don't like wearing tank tops, but it does get steamy-hot inside a greenhouse in late Spring, so its smarter to save yourself from sweating away in the heat by wearing something sleeveless than the other way around.

    Have a glorious weekend!


    The eldest sister & singer

  3. I love your outfit!! It is so cute. :) Haha, your funky list was so funny. The "drug deal" and going to the wrong farm especially. :) My 16th birthday is creeping up on me too....I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I turned 15! :)
    I vote you should do the post with pictures from the creek! :)

  4. Purple looks so nice on you, and I love that maxi skirt! I just got a black maxi skirt myself. It goes with everything! I loove it!
    I have been busy thrifting myself! I found a lovely black dress (isn't it terrible that I didn't have one?!) that was priced $7 which I thought was a bit expensive, but a very needed staple piece. I took it to the cash register only to find it was $.50 as part of their spring cleaning sale! I left very happy!
    I don't own any vests myself as they aren't quite my style. I do like them on others, though!
    As for how I stay modest, I own a pair jeans that I will wear when needed with a short dress/tunic over top (mostly because it is impossible to find jeans without them being too tight in the back/thighs) Leggings are a life-saver as well! I always wear a pair of shorts underneath my skirts/dresses as well as a camisole underneath my shirts. So far I haven't run into any mishaps!
    I would love to see your preparations for your trip! It sounds so exciting!

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! We will probably do a post about what we are bringing on the trip once it gets a little closer... That is so cool about your dress! ;-)

  5. I love your entire outfit, but I have to say, I really love your shoes: they're lovely! Oh, and I love your barrette. Where did you get it?

    On another note, I just have to add, I really enjoy your Funk + Fab posts; they're something I always look forward to. Haha, "Driving home in a snow storm on April 14" I wish it were like that down here in Texas; alas, our weather will probably never be that nice and cold. Sounds great how you've been able to watch the movie, 'Courageous.' I've been wanting to watch it, with my family, of course, but we haven't been able to.


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