Friday, April 25, 2014

April || Photo-a-Day || Week Thirteen

Come one and come all! Time for the weekly photo-a-day!

Saturday: playing Apples to Apples Bible Edition in the field...
Sunday: some of our cousins picking out rocks from our Grandma's trip to Colorado.
Monday: a beautiful, even if a bit mad, garter snake!

Tuesday: while we were checking out at a humane society thrift shop, we momentarily lost Mackenzie and found her a few feet away contentedly petting this napping cat!
Wednesday: a 'sundog'. The second one in a matter of days around here! ;-) Don't look at this too long though! The reason why the photo is sort of blurry is because you can't look at the screen while taking it!
Thursday: a preview of the post I'll be publishing tomorrow...
Today: raindrops on our chicken pen gate...

I know I said this last week too but I thought I was not going to be able to do this post! Fortunately our charging cord arrived yesterday soon after Cassie published her post!  Yay! Now we're just back to the regular problems like not having a comma or a period on the keyboard. You ask how I got that one there? We have to copy and paste every one from a different source every time we need one! We are used to it for the time being though!   ;-)  

What's your favorite photo this week?
Have you ever seen a sundog?
Have you played Apples to Apples B.E.?

the second oldest: singer and farmer


  1. whoa, Rebekah! totally awesome photography here. your eye and camera catch such wonderful, beautiful things. like the close up of the snake (what wonderful colors) and the rain on the gate. so beautiful.
    to answer your question, i actually saw a sun dog this winter! i'm really quite proud of myself for knowing what one was. just to give you an idea on how rare it was, it made the front page of, like, all the newspapers in this area of Kansas. most folks were referring to it as a rainbow around the sun or a triple sun, as it looked like there were two smaller suns on either side. (it had been terribly cold and there was snow on the ground, so i think that helped)
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting Abigail! I guess sundogs are a little bit more common around here but they are still beautiful! ;-)

  2. My favorite photo is of the upcoming post! You look beautiful in that picture! Glad your computer cord arrived!!! I have never seen a sundog, at least that I can remember. I think I have played the Bible edition of Apples to Apples. It was fun.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thanks for commenting Brigid! I just published the post so you'll be able to see the whole thing now! ;-)

  3. I just saw a garter snake in our yard yesterday! Very cool close up picture.
    Sun dogs are so neat! We see them a lot in the winter.
    I have played Apples to Apples B.E., but I find that it's not as fun as the original one. It's harder to play silly cards, and it feels like things should be more serious.

    1. Hahaha, it's not too hard to be silly in the group we play with! There are several name cards (Ruth, Jacob, Abraham, Sarai) and we have a lot of fun trying to pick them out and use them with other cards like lazy, crazy, messy or some other undesirable quality... [Since there are people named that who are playing.] ;-) But have also gotten into some theology discussions while we're playing too! Thanks for commenting Bethany!

  4. It seems like you had a great week! :D Bible Apples to Apples sounds like fun. Though I've never played that, we have Bible Taboo, which is also quite enjoyable.
    That's a neat picture of the sundog; I don't think I've ever seen one.


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