Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Left Behind Outfit

What I have here is just what the title states: an outfit that was left behind!

I wore this on Resurrection Sunday to our family gathering. I seem to be wearing this green jacket a lot lately... ;-)

I have always wanted to do a picture with my face blurred in the background and it focused on brick! I can now check that off my imaginary list!

This was one of the few days in my life when I wore makeup. I don't have anything against makeup in general but I think some girls focus too much on "Oh no! I have to quick redo my mascara! Oops! I chipped a nail! I can't go anywhere 'cause I haven't 'put my face on'! Blah blah blah..." And let's face it, these days, make-up wearers are prone to overdo. Plus, it's just not practical for me to wear makeup. I don't leave the house very much, [a.k.a. 'go to town'] besides church and my chores here and at Pleasant Hill. And when I do, let's just say my horse doesn't care if I have long eyelashes!  ;-D 

Lately I have:
  • Been super busy!
  • Dreaded all of the work we have had to do.
  • Been happy when the work was done.
  • Missed my piano lessons.
  • Regretted not wearing something more *Eastery. [*Resurrection Sundayish! Hahaha!]
  • Made friends with a pair of wild geese that were living 20 feet away from our barnyard! 
  • Gotten a really sore throat and sore everything!
  • Asked God to heal me before the next morning. [He did!]
  • Cleaned a house that is directly from the 70's! [There is even orange shag carpet!]
  • Not read any books. Or should I say many books?   ;-P
  • Sung "There is a Time" under a bridge.
  • Not eaten breakfast. 
  • Gone to the beach.
  • Woken up to a green world!
  • Braided my hair every night.
  • Read the book For Time and Eternity and it's sequel Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman!
  • Gotten rid of my winter flannels...
  •  Had to put the heat lamp back in the chicken coop because it was almost below freezing!
  • Bought a new rabbit hutch I hope to fill soon with ducklings!
  • Forgotten that I had this post to write!
Truly! I forgot that I never posted this!
Easter was a while back and the time has passed so quickly! Since my outfit was not very special I did not rush in the finishing of my post. But now it's done and I'm happy! I first wore this maxi dress to our Passover Seder with a gray/white button-up, blue undershirt, a blue headscarf, and white flats. I was very uninspired on Easter morning [clothes-wise] so I just kept trying different shirts/jackets on with the dress as the base until I arrived at this! I think it turned out fairly well!     ;-)

             Do you have days when you feel like throwing all your clothes away and starting fresh? 
                                                          {I know that's a little dramatic...}

~~A Daughter of the Resurrected King~~


  1. Love your casual but cute outfit! And yes sometimes I just want to throw out all my clothes and go on a shopping spree... to all my favorite thrift stores! ;)

    1. Thanks for commenting Sarah! Yes! Thrift stores are the best!

  2. Cute outfit! :) The photo of your face blurred in your background turned out great.
    It sounds like you've been busy, but with fun moments in the midst of it!
    And yes, I have wanted to start fresh with all my clothes. :\ Happily, I have many new items at the moment!

    1. I have quite a few new items too right now! Thanks for commenting Paige!

  3. The outfit suits you good. You look beautiful!

  4. i Hi Rebekah! love your photography skills... they are ever growing!
    i also just adore that 'lately' section. so interesting!

    1. Thanks for commenting Abigail! Cassie took the pictures for me and I edited them with various effects. ;-) We both enjoy photography.

  5. Love your skirt!
    Sorry to hear of your illness!
    I've been experiencing major allergies myself, complete with
    Coughing, runny nose, blood shot runny eyes and achy all over-no fun at all!
    A modest fashion blog:

    1. Thanks for commenting Natasha! Yeah, being sick = either lots of blogging 'cause you can't do anything else or no blogging at all! Hahaha! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I think you look fabulous in that get-up Rebekah! It is very you and very flattering in every area!


    The eldest sister & singer

  7. Never redo mascara. :-) Only apply once. Otherwise you will have a cloppy mess on your lashes. ;-) I like to wear makeup because it keeps me from rubbing my eyes and touching my face. ( which is not good for skin like I have lol )
    I like your outfit!

    1. Unfortunately, I almost always forget I even have it on which results in something not-so-good. Just another reason I don't like wearing it. ;-)
      Thanks for commenting Amanda!


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