Friday, May 16, 2014

May || Photo-a-Day || Week Sixteen

Friday: I helped serve tourists in the food line during a rush hour. Raw pickled herring is a Dutch favorite, or so I hear!
 Saturday: I found a tiny baby mouse in the milking parlor. Mice aren't a favorite of mine but this one was so cute!

 Sunday: we went to a private [except for other neighbors] beach. It was really bright out so Peter rigged up this 'MacGyver tent'! Needless to say, Peter didn't get sunburn. [At least on his face!] The other picture is of Melody buried in sand.

Monday: Peter started volunteering once a week at a our town's food pantry. And some tulips!
Tuesday: some carpenter ants have made this log their home. They did this overnight!
Wednesday: time for spring weeding/gutter cleaning at church! Since it was raining, I also got some lovely raindrops shots!

Thursday: we went on a big shopping trip to stock up on, well, everything!

Today: we potted around 400 juniper pine trees to earn some money for our mission trip 'spending money'!
I'm posting this a little later in the day than usual because we have been potting trees for 4 hours!
Also, on the way home we stopped at a yard sale and bought a rabbit hutch we will be re-purposing as a duckling cage! Yay! [I love ducks!] It was quite a sight getting it into our conversion van! Over the years our van has hauled everything from a 4 and a half foot tall commercial mixer to 15 ginormous bales of house insulation to livestock to, well, a rabbit hutch!

What strange things have you transported?
Have you ever trans-planted a large number of trees?

                                                                                             ~Farmer in Training~


  1. Nice pictures Rebekah! Hmm... raw herring...I think I'll pass!

  2. Hey, I've been keeping an eye on your blog over the last few months and I just wanted to let you know I really like it! I'm a farm girl too--isn't it an awesome life!!

    I just started a blog last month, and I'd love it if you girls stopped in for a visit!

    God bless!

  3. That mouse is adorable! Tulip Time looks like so much fun... except for the pickled herring. Ikk!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. I don't know... I really enjoy anything pickled (minus pigs feet! Yuck!), so I probably would have to disagree with Brigi on the subject of not liking pickled herring. It sounds good.

    I really am enjoying your Photo-a-Day series! It seems like we are more apart of your daily life this way! I love mice, especially the tiny babies! I hope we get to see a few pics of the new ducklings you'll soon have! I love ducks too! They are such comical creatures!

    When will we get to see Tulip Time? I know you two have been busy, believe me when I say I completely understand what a blog can be like when the rest of life catches up and demands your attention! But I am just I just can't wait to see what Tulip time is like! It sounds like so much fun!

    Have a blessed Weekend!

    The eldest sister & singer

  5. Raw herring doesn't sound like a tasty dinner to me, but to my dad...........possibly. I don't really care for ducks, but they are cute. Baby mouse picture: cute & gross at the same time. (Gross: a mouse. Cute: a baby mouse.) Maybe I'm more sissy than you, but other girls I know agree with me. Just wondering: do you have any goats? We have chickens, dogs, & cats, and soon goats. Any tips?


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