Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Funk + Fab || Outfit of Old and New

Hey all! This outfit came together in the blink of an eye! 
I have been trying to incorporate tunics more into my wardrobe but haven't had much luck, until now. 

I just had to include this one! My hair is blowing perfectly! ;-P

This dress/tunic has been in the mending pile for a long time because it is ripped under one arm hole. 
But recently Cassie put it back into the closet and I 'discovered' it! 
I can't believe how much I love this fabric, and how fitting it has blueberries on it. Too bad I didn't think of going down to the berry fields!

I found this belt in the church yard sale donations and first thought: "Trendy is one step away from trashy!" But after a while I decided to bring it home and try to build an outfit around it, which is what we have right here!

Since it is spring, I couldn't wear a black undershirt without looking like I was going to a funeral! So, thankfully, I quickly found this matching green long sleeve to wear under!

The ribbons on my shoes coordinate with the ruffled belt.

As you can see we took a lot of pictures! I put all the rest of my favorites in this collage so I wouldn't be overloading y'all with 20 full-size pictures!

  • Hearing a big ruckus coming from in the 'way back' [As we call where our animals live.] and running back there because I thought a fox was after the chickens. Not a cluck or a quack when I got there! Then I looked down and my hand was full of bobby pins still because I had been doing my hair when I heard it all!
  • Taking my blood pressure [For no reason.] at home and finding out I was 114 over 58! You are 'supposed to be' 120 over 80. It feels really weird when it tightens! Really!
  • Playing card games with heart-shaped poker cards!  ♥ Do I really need to further explain this? No, just try to imagine holding them in your hand. ♥
  • Trying to bend over after weeding on your hands and knees 5 out of 7 days in a row.
  • You know those short round tables you sat around in children's church when you were younger? Try balancing it on 10 peoples knees while playing with heart shaped cards! Not to mention half of those people were sitting in the little yellow chairs that go with the table! True story! 
  • Thinking that Khloe Grace from All Things Good was just announcing her BLOG PARTY and then realizing that the post was from March! ;-P  
  • Seeing people in really 'trendy' outfits and thinking, "They are going to be thinking 'what were we thinking?!' in 10 years when they see pictures of themselves in slouch boots, jeggings, a giant infinity scarf {with owls of course!}, and an open shouldered ripped up t-shirt!" Yup that's how I think.
  •  Getting a pair of pants [that I got to wear under skirts on the mission trip] out and cutting the pocket covers off so they wouldn't make a big bump under whatever I wear them under and then seeing I had cut a hole all the way through! So Cassie sewed it up for me. And then I saw... they were Cassie's. We have 2 pairs that are almost identical except mine are capris! ;-P
  •  Sleeping in our basement because it was really hot upstairs since our AC is temporarily broken. At least I hope it's temporary!
  • Memorial Day being on a Monday. Since Dad didn't have to go to work it felt like Sunday all over again! Is today Tuesday or Wednesday? ;-P
  •  Realizing I put my breakfast bagel in when I started this post and it's still in the toaster.

  • Bagels with melty cheese! [For... brunch?]
  • Making some new friends last Saturday.
  • Seeing a crane in our swamp. Last year they stayed all summer and hatched their chicks [or whatever you call baby cranes!] here!
  • The old movie 'Meet John Doe!'  I love old movies! Especially with Gary Cooper!
  • Going into the woods and not being able to see the sky! Lovely! All green!
  • Spring rain.
  • Fabric sales! [Cassie contributed this one!]
  • Being finished with weeding!!!!!!! 
  • The short clip from this week's 19 kac [19 Kids and Counting for those of you not familiar with that term.] was in one word: adorable! You can see it HERE!
  • The new kittens at my Aunt Wendy's house! They were only 24 hours old when we saw them on Sunday! I also took a few other farm-related pictures. Anyone interested in a post about that?

I'm afraid I have to go now! After lunch we are heading over to our church to sort through more yard sale stuff.  The sale is this weekend, hopefully it doesn't rain! Also, Cassie wanted me to mention that we have been wearing tunics more lately and will probably do a post on how to make them look good with skirts! Sometimes they can look frumpy if you don't match them just right!  ;-)

Have you ever watched Meet John Doe?
Who's your favorite old Hollywood actor or actress?
Have you ever played with heart shaped cards?
Do you wear tunics?

Thanks for reading!
~~The Second Oldest~~


  1. I love that tunic! What a cute pattern, and the belt looks very nice with it too. I was going to comment on Cassie's last post about this, but I'll just say it here: I love the old barn you've been taking pictures in! It's very, very cool.

  2. I love the pattern on the tunic, how cute!

  3. I love this outfit! The tunic is so adorable-I love the pattern. :) And I think the belt added just the right touch. It keeps the outfit interesting, while still being classy and pretty!
    Oh, I love the Meet John Doe movie too! :)

  4. I agree about the 19 Kids and Counting clip! We were laughing so hard that we were crying, it was just so cute!

  5. Your outfit si very cute Rebekah! Love it!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. Pretty tunic, Rebekah! :)
    I've never seen Meet John Doe, but I would like to if I can find it some day. Gregory Peck is my favorite classic actor. The actresses get a little more complex though...I like Olivia de Havilland, Audrey Hepburn, Claudette Colbert, Jean Arthur...ect. ;)


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