Monday, May 26, 2014

Outfit // Summer's Dawn

Hello dear friends!
What a beautiful evening here in Michigan we are enjoying this day! So much abundant greenery beckons us to open the windows and smell the fresh air. On this new and blessed day, let us not forget what most do, our fallen heroes of this beloved land- wherever this finds you, joy or tragedy.

Every once and a while, if you are like me, you may stop to think about those who have gone before us, both for our county's sake and for other reasons unstated and forgotten. What it was like for them and how they thought. For even though we tend to think as the past generations as a whole, summed into different centuries, we should try to think of them as not only as our ancestors but as individuals who had their own personalities as well as hardships. And today, most importantly let us remember and take into thought those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, for us.
 I found this darling top last week. OH! How happy I was! After sorting through some of my closet I realized that I somehow was short on summery pieces. So when I found this at a thrift shop (surprise, suprise) I allowed myself to spend a bit that I had set aside for sewing materials. I know, just four dollars, but still!  :)

Once I got it home, I found that I really didn't have a cream shrug that would work well with it (a surprise for a cardi lover!) nor a jacket that was fitting for the breezy day. So I moved on to finding a wearable skirt. This oh-so-light-green-linen picked up the cream-tan splendidly! Then my brown shrug seemed to say, "Helloo!" Ha ha!  Here we are!
These shoes have been so fabulous with just about everything. On they went.
Shoes- American Eagle, thrifted $3 // Slip- made by yours truly // Skirt- Goodwill, $3 // Tank- thrifted, ? // Shirt- Old Navy, thrifted $3.75 // Shrug- Old Navy, thrifted $3 // Necklaces- thrifted and borrowed 

We took advantage of the farm we work at to take our photos again this week. It is so convenient that their land wraps around our church building! So after services we not only get to enjoy a walk and beautiful scenery, but get some delightful old buildings to pose in!
Before signing off, I'd like to add a bit about how our Mission trip is coming along. I know we have gained a few newer followers lately, plus I know most of you like to hear our up dates concerning the matter! Well! We are getting close to the time we head out (19 days to be exact)! After planning for so long we are getting very enthused and excited about it!  Our passports have all been received, which is a big relief since I personally was having trouble getting mine all squared away. But I received it a week ago Saturday and am ready to set sail. As far as funding, we do have a bit more to raise/receive from donors, but we are extremely close and can't foresee any problems!

Fondly as ever,
the Elder Sister and writer

**If you would like to know a little more about our trip, we have a page that is now located on our side bar, where you can read more about it and enjoy some photos of our fundraising/what we will be doing. We also have labeled various posts that concern the topic so make sure to clink on that link below also!


  1. Pink is a lovely color on you! You certainly look perfect for the transition from spring into summer! How exciting about your mission's trip! I'll be praying for you! :)

  2. Beautiful outfit, Cassie! What a great thrift find. I really like your new photo shoot location!
    Hurray! Your mission trip is sure around the corner.

  3. Very lovely Cassie. I can't believe that the day for you to depart to foreign lands is nearly here! I will keep your family in my prayers, and hope for the best as the countdown begins.

    Blessings to you all!

    The eldest sister & singer

  4. The pictures of you are just lovely Cassie! I love the big old buildings and the greenery... sigh... Oh, and your top is adorable! I love the hem detail!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. Ahem...Lovely outfit,dearie. Although I must comment on your necklace, Cassanda Opal! Thrifted? Certainly not! Your father spent a nice chunk of money at the glass-blower's gallery on that particular item of handmade jewelry for my birthday quite a few years ago. So, definitely NOT thrifted! :) But borrowed? Certainly! I love you! And I'm proud of you girls :)
    Love, the 1988/89 President of the Zeeland High School Computer Club (so what if I was the only cool one?!) AKA Mom ;)


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