Friday, May 2, 2014

HSF: UFO's and PHD's || Staphorst Bib

 Goodness! Finally I get the chance to bring this post together! Nine o’clock is not the best time to do this- let us not get back into our old habits shall we?

As I mentioned in our last post our week of preparation is awaiting to get busy for our Tulip Time event and our verity show. Among other things we had to throw together a funeral luncheon at our church and our family has been battling the spring cough and aching throat. And it has been rainy all day leaving me with that dreary feeling of not being able to catch up on anything and bringing many sighs and a downtrodden face. I think that now that the work day is completed and we have crossed off our lists of tasks I can now can sit and move on with this, that is a sewing challenge for Historical Sew Fortnightly.

 Our challenge for today is UFO's (un-finished objects) and PHD's (projects half done). Basically you are suppose to choose one of your former projects that you have yet to complete and finish it off. The only problem I had was that I don't have a pile of castoff projects and I definitely didn't have any that would fit our historical goals. So instead of going into the thought of "What can I make that I have always wanted to make" I just decided to use my little dickie project that I have had cut out since I made my hat for the Tops and Toes challenge. So yes, sorry to dash your expectant  thoughts that I made my entire outfit you are seeing- I thought that I would pep thing up by showing you one of my Dutch costumes as I promised and which as you can see is the outfit that I made my cap for. And how fitting that Tulip Time is just next week! Bek and I are hopefully going to share our other costumes periodically all through next week.

 So what we are looking at is the floral bib (matches the cap) that is under the plaid cape. This was a super simple project so I didn't go into detail with pictures this time. It features three large hook and eyes at the left shoulder to secure it around the neck leaving a short loose tunic style that hangs right at my hips. Then, as the photos show, two twill ties that are attached on the back flap are drawn through the loops on the either side of the front flaps and are then brought together and tied under the cape. Other than that I just created a narrow hem along the sides and used hem tape around the neckline.

Needed details:

The Challenge: The challenge is UFO – Un-Finished Object. In sewing parlance, a UFO is an Un-Finished Project, and a PHD is a Project Half Done. Use this opportunity to finish off something that’s never quite gotten done, or stalled halfway through.

Fabric: Field's Fabrics 100% cotton.

Pattern: None/my own.

Year: The history is quite hard to come by for this especially if you can't read Dutch! But I do know that this style is thought to be worn alot in the 1800's up to the early 1900's and is in fact still worn their today! I wrote and showed more pictures about this when I completed my hat for Tops and Toes challenge.

Notions: Thread, three large hook and eyes for shoulder closure, and a yard twill of tape- all stashed.

How historically accurate is it? Very much so. Besides the fact that I used iron on hem tape to finish off the neckline- 95% ?

Hours to complete: Less than two.

First worn: Today, but boy will it get it's use next week!

Total cost: Hmm- $3? I payed $3.97 for one yard in the clearance bin which was just enough for both the hat and bib. Horrah!

Here is a bit of history about the entire outfit for those of you who have been awaiting to see what we wear for our costumes!

This close, religious community in The Netherlands, [which this costume represents] keeps to the old ways. A few still wear this costume as everyday dress. In Staphorst, most of the sewing is done by hand and the floral pieces on the dress are sometimes hand painted. The skills necessary for making these clothes are taught to the girls in secondary school. The dark skirt and blouse is accented by a pretty red plaid scarf and a floral hat and dickey. For a very conservative community it is a bit surprising that this costume features a bright red petticoat which is often talked about during costume demonstrations.

Alrighty everyone! Thanks so much for reading and make sure to ask if you have any questions and make sure to share your thoughts! I hope that you learned something new today and found this interesting!


                                                                    the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. What a lovely dutch outfit! Your wooden shoes look so pretty! I love the color of the wood! Are they uncomfortable? You are a fabulous seamstress! Great job!
    In My Saviors Love,

  2. I was eagerly awaiting seeing your full costume! It is awesome! Can't wait to hear more about your play! :D

  3. Great job Cassie! You look delightfully Dutch. :)

  4. Hey girls! I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award!


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