Friday, June 13, 2014

June || Photo-a-Day || Week Twenty

Friday: the troops are ready for garagesaling!
Saturday: Havah and me.
Sunday: I watched 'Expelled' in the afternoon... It is a documentary about the shunning of the intelligent design [a.k.a. Creationism] 'theory' in all schools and colleges. And no, I do not believe in the big bang theory. It just happened to be what was on the screen when I took the picture! [That was actually a funny little clip disproving cosmic origins.]    ;-)
Monday: the annual homeschool book sale! This was taken while everyone was starting to pack up so there weren't very many people... It was too packed to stand still and take a picture during the sale!
Tuesday: the snapper is back and left eggs!
Wednesday: it poured off and on all day during our shopping trip. Left: Melody rushing into a store. Right: raindrops on the window...
Thursday: packing for the mission trip!!!
Today: we're leaving!

As you can see from the last photo, we are leaving!!! [Cue panic!] Just kidding, everything is going fine so far... [So far!] Is it normal to be going crazy before your first plane ride?? I hope so. It still feels like a weird dream! For someone who has never been anywhere but family reunions in Nebraska this is quite the adventure!  We are publishing a post immediately after this with more specific details- so tata to you all!

Have you ever been 'across the pond'?
Have you ever watched 'Expelled'?

~Missionary in the making~

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  1. Fun photos! I especially like your Bon Voyage photo. It was funny seeing your Acer in a picture, since I was viewing it on the same device. ;)
    I've never been across the pond and I've seen Expelled three times! :D


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