Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fabulous Feminine Fashion Show || Details

Happy Tuesday everyone! We girls are thrilled to announce our modest fashion show, Fabulous Feminine Fashion that we are hosting in lieu of our very first year of blogging! This will be our very first time on the hosting side of one of these events and we would be honored to have you as one of our participants! So what is this all about?

You are to bring one outfit together to be entered in to win one of three prizes (we will share what those will be on a different date) that will judged by our readers and those participating! Doesn't that sound fun? Here are our guidelines and rules:

  • While choosing your clothing items and accessories, please be discreet and remember that this is a modest fashion challenge and that our goal is to encourage feminine dress and be pleasing to the Lord.
  • As we said above, this show will consist of just one outfit per contestant. The choice is up to you on how fancy/casual you would like to make your entry. 
  • Please be aware that your address will be required of you if you place, so that your prize can be delivered to you.

    Think you'd like to enter? Keep reading for the details and mark your calenders!
  • We'd like to have all of the entries able to be put together by July 20, so if you're interested in entering, please send your photos as soon as possible!
  •  Limit of 6 photos for each entry. We are only having a limit of how many pictures you can send because of the possibility that we may have to double up on outfits. (2 outfit entries per post)
  • We would love to have you write a paragraph or two (or more) about yourself and how your outfit came together to include in the post! This is not required, but it is nice for people to know who they're voting for! Also, if you know how much you payed for your accessories/clothes you may include the prices in your email/entry.
  •  Send your photos and text to:   joyhousemom@gmail.com
  • One last tidbit- if you happen to have a blog, feel free to include some talk about it and we will include some link-love in your thoughts. Please include your URL in your e-mail.

 The outfit entry posts will begin July 22 and continue to the 26th, and, depending on how many entries we receive, we may double up the posts (i.e. two or more per day). The poll will be up for use the following weekend, July 26th and 27th., plus Monday the 28th if need be.  The winners will be announced Tuesday the 29th. After the winners are announced we will contact them and get their prizes sent out ASAP!

We thank you so much! 
We hope that at least a handful of you will feel inclined to participate!  

Let us know if you have any questions! 

~Calico Sisters~


  1. What fun! Great idea, girls! :-) I would love to participate.


  2. I really want to enter! The only problem is that I'm super busy this week and I'll be away all next week, but hopefully I'll be able to participate anyway. Thank you so much for posting this!

    1. Hi girls! I would be just jolly to have you both entered into our celebration!
      We all know how busy life can get in these last months of summer activities, but we would be honored if you could find a chance to squeeze in an entry! If not, thank you so much for your thoughts and for following our blog!

      for the S. girls

  3. Hi girls!

    Is it OK if we find outfit photos from past posts?



    The eldest sister & singer

    1. Hi Jessica!

      That would be totally fine! We neglected to add that tidbit while typing this up- thanks for your inquiry!

      the elder sister

    2. Hooray! Brigi has decided to join me in the Fashion Show! We will send our outfits separately to make things easier for you two. We might or might not use an old outfit... still thinking things through, but we are both very excited to be participating! We will send you our final picks as well as copy about us, our outfits, and our blog before the twentieth.

      May God be glorified!

      The eldest sister & singer


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