Monday, July 7, 2014

Outfit // Indepedence Day (+Life & an Announcement!)

Hello all! Goodness! Our lack of posting since we have been back have most assuredly lead you to believe that we have been busy- too busy, and you would be right. House sitting, computer problems, power outages, dying refrigerators, day-in-and-day-out baseball games, plus my new cleaning job (more on that later) has kept the blog at arms length. Now that you have a clue to what we have been up to, I am bursting to share with you our big announcement. So as they say, without further adieu...
Eeekk!! Okay our announcement is, *drum roll* our very first modest fashion show to celebrate our first year of blogging! Our anniversary is creeping up on us in just a couple of weeks, can you believe that?!

After being part of a few of these little parties this past year, we knew it would be the perfect celebration for our Big Day! We have dubbed our fashion show 'Fabulous Feminine Fashion'. With wonderful prizes that are sure to catch your eye and immense encouragement of modest fashion, we hope that you will be spurred to sign yourself up for this fabulous competition!

*See details and info below!

I, the one who likes to have a blog schedule the most, was really, really, wanting to get this going last Monday, but it obviously didn't happen. So I hope that that will not deter you from being one of our participants, and that you will have enough time to gather something wonderful to share with us!

I'll be sharing more specifically the contact information and our terms and rules of this event tomorrow, but I'll just give you some ideas of what we have in mind And if you have any ideas, please feel free to share them!

You will be able to showcase one of your very own outfits that you think best describes feminine fashion. Cream colored pearls, full skirts, all hues of pink, and golden curls are what we are aiming for. Something completely girly-glitzy! So let your thoughts soar in preparation! And stay tuned for the details!
We would love to have you participate!! 
In lieu of that, I am so exited to finally be sharing this outfit with y'all! Why, you ask? Well because this dress is, for one, SO cute and perfect for our recent celebration, and secondly because I have been saving it for just the occasion of the happy Independence Day since I found it at our favorite thrift shop around four months ago! Hanging upon their vintage clothing rack, which is more than most of the time filled with items from the 70's, hung this wonderful eyelet trimmed number, with a price of an even $5!

The very same day I also collected from the rack two darling baby clothes items for my hope chest. A sweet nighty made of feed-sacking with back ties for the closures and a darling baby girl's cotton slip delicately embellished with the tiniest french knots arranged into perfect flowers. Such a perfect touch to my trunk of treasures!
OH! My new little job! Well, the night before we left for our Mission trip, a neighbor of ours stopped by to say her farewells and mentioned that once we were back and settled in that she and her husband could really use my help a couple days a week with their cleaning business. Saturday before last, we had a spectacular talk and I began work the following Tuesday. Since we live just a couple minutes walk from each other, I am able to be picked up and dropped off quite easily. The hours are perfect and I am encouraged by their testimony each time I meet with them. Oh and did I mention that they are believers? How amazing what the LORD can do!
 Shoes- American Eagle (hand-me-down) Slip- me made Dress- Vintage (thrifted for $5) Undershirt- Anne Taylor (yard sale for $2) Necklace- borrowed from Bek Earrings- clip on (thrifted for .50) Headband- (thrifted for .50 ?)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully our computer will behave itself so we don't have to take any more unannounced breaks. And that I will keep my attitude in check if it does happen. It is so irksome to have everything scheduled and your thoughts together for a post only to have your photos refuse to upload! Ahh, tis how it goes at times. As frustrating as it may be for those involved. Ha ha!

How did you celebrate your Independence Day?
How would you wear this dress?

Will you be joining our Fabulous Feminine Fashion show?
 Make sure to let us know!

Until tomorrow,
for the Shag girls



  1. Oh Cassie, that dress is adorable! And I am so excited for you girls to be hosting your own fashion show!!! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if I'll be able to participate, but I do hope it's a screaming success!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Hi Cassie, I've nominated you and Bekah for the Liebster Award. The tag questions are on my blog: Could you please tell Bekah that I tagged her too? Thank you! I love your dress by the way!

  3. Hi Cassie,

    Your outfit is lovely! I really like the photos with the vintage bike- just perfect! : ) Congratulations on your new job! It is always such a blessing to see how God provides.


  4. You look darling! Your dress is just perfect for Independence Day. :D
    The fashion show sounds like great fun! I hope to participate. :)
    Also, congratulations on the job! :)

  5. Hello Cassie!

    We three had a very laid back Independence Day for the most part, however, at the end of the day, when one usually anticipates a grand show of fireworks, we drove off to our home town to perform our Independence Day show for the thousands who came! Wow! What a crazy thing to get to do it all on our own! Granted, we were well prepared vocally and technically (sound equipment), but you still have that last bit of doubt lingering in your head making you wonder how it will really turn out in the end. We praise the Lord that our exuberant Mayor was there to fill in the gaps when we were not singing with cheerful speeches. Otherwise there would have been painfully silent and awkward moments while we were waiting for the sky to blacken up. On the whole, with his help we experienced a very happy evening; our performance was swell, the weather was PERFECTLY CLEAR, and the firework show was the just the ticket to bring a simply "bang-on" close to our Day of Freedom. Praise the Lord, we did it!

    Oo! Yes I would love to be apart of your fashion show!

    Much love to you!

    The eldest sister & singer

  6. Aubrie (from Haley and Aubrie Barnard on Pinterest)July 19, 2014 at 1:10 PM

    This is so pretty! You guys have a lot of great outfits!


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