Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FFFS || Annoucing Our Winners!

Hey all!! We have had another busy day- but all has gone well and we are SO exited to announce our winners of the Fabulous Feminine Fashion Show! I am sure that you are all bubbling with anticipation so without further ado...Shall we call out for the drum roll to begin?

Here we are! Based on our reader's votes:

Our grand prize winner is the fabulous Laura in her classic gingham and pearls, topped off by her summery white skirt and light brown accents. Congratulations Laura! Thanks so much for your entry!!

Up next we have Elanee's darling polka-dot navy number with her coordinating white cardi and string of pearls. We are so thankful for your entry Elanee! Congratulations dear!

And taking our next and last prize is dear Jessica's radiant purple and gold combination, with her coordination of tan and navy accessories. Jessica, thank you very much for your submission- your flavor is darling and your writing wonderful! Oh happy day!

We are so blessed by you all- we dare say that if we one day we were blessed enough to bring together our little community of wonderful ladies like each of you, if nothing else we would all be such a fabulous array of modest models! 

You make us smile,
-Cassie & Rebekah

** If you were one of our winners- please send us your address via e-mail ( so that we can get your prizes sent out to you asap!  xo

** AND! A special thanks to you girls who gave a shout-out about the Show on your blogs! We gained a few followers and had quite a run of voters because of it! Thanks a bunch! 


  1. Oh my! Thank you soo much! :D I'm very honored! Congratulations to Elanee and Jessica as well :) Everyone had such beautiful and feminine outfits it was such a blast to participate in this!

    1. Thanks for entering Laura! Make sure you email your address to us so we can send you your goodies!
      ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

  2. Wow! I am so excited! I am so happy to be a runner up with Laura and Elanee!

    And thank You girls for doing such a fantastic job at hosting this blogging event! It was a lot of fun to say the least. :)


    The eldest sister & singer

  3. Congratulations girls! All the outfits were lovely!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting this contest Rebekah and Cassey! I'm very surprised to even place in this contest:) everyone had such beautiful outfits! Congratulations Laura, and Jessica your outfits are lovely!

  5. Congratulations Laura, Elanee and Jessica! :D You all look gorgeous, as did the other contestants. It's really like a femininity overload, to have so many lovely outfits (and sweet models) at once, right? :)

  6. Congratulations girls! Your outfits are so beautiful!


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