Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guest Outfit Post || Funk+Fab

Hey everyone! Remember a while back when I said I had a guest outfit post to share with y'all? Well, the day has finally come!

Today our guest is Sara Lorraine Van Kampen. She attends church with us and is one of our dearest and oldest friends! When I walked in and saw her outfit the first thing I thought was,"That's got to go on the blog!" I ended up going over to her house and we took these gorgeous photographs across the road at Pleasant Hill.

It was like the nature all around had grown to complement her outfit!

Sara wore this outfit the Sunday after Independence Day so we were all still modeling the patriotic colors. Isn't that photo just... Pinterest-worthy?   :-)

This was a perfect shot just before near disaster! She was making her way through the very thick patch of black-eyed susans and stepped in some sort of varmint hole!

This was her laugh-smile after almost falling over!

This gold belt went just marvelously with all of the Summer sun around us... Unfortunately... this was the only butterfly we were able to photograph that day...  :-P

Doesn't this one look like it came straight from a modern day Jane Austen movie?

The wheat field was just stunning! 

Mr. Van Voorhees [the owner of Pleasant Hill] had been baling hay all weekend and this was the result!

I bet Sara was thinking,"I am so glad I did not have to stack all of this!!!"

And that brings us back to... how many of you were thinking 'doe'?


  • Telling Sara's parents we would be gone for about 20 minutes taking pictures. We were gone a little closer to an hour than to 20 minutes. 
  • Me in that last picture! I look about twelve!
  • Trying to hold my tongue while watching Downton Abbey with Sara. Nearly impossible when she mentioned she hoped Branson and Lady Cybil get together! But now the secret's out. Our favorite character died!   ;(                       #winkyfrownyface #blimeycow 
  • Sara is 16 now. Just too weird!
  • Having 9 gallons of ice cream in your freezer... that you don't really like. Yes, there's a story. I helped scoop ice cream cones at our library for a kid's fire safety event, and there was a lot left over! And they aren't just regular cartons! They are in 3 gallon pails! 
  • Driving around with Sara in her Mom's car, alone! As in- no adults! Yes, Sara got her license!!!
  • I think I've said this before but, Michigan weather! We had to move Sara's sweet sixteen party into their garage because it started pouring! Then, after retrieving tables and chairs from church, drying them all off, and decorating, out comes Mister Sun!
  • Thinking you understand a new game you're playing with friends, then you're like,"What???"
  • Not having watched "God's Not Dead" yet! 
  •  Dropping off two friends after a Bible study and then your Dads get to talking. So everyone goes inside. And it ends up you spend the whole day with their family doing everything from making grilled cheese sandwiches to climbing 302 steps up a hill and going to the beach! Yup- funky and fun!
  • Completely forgetting to do the photo-a-day post! I woke up Saturday morning and instantly said to Cassie,"I forgot to do the photo-a-day!" And what's worse is that I had been taking pictures every day for it!
  •  Having a really busy weekend!
  • Family reunions. "Hi! I'm related to you but I don't know how!" It was really fun though!

  • Family reunions!
  • "Growing Up Duggar"! We ordered a copy for ourselves when we bought the one for the fashion show prize! Wonderful read!
  • The contestants of Fabulous Feminine Fashion Show!  
  • Having ducklings! 
  • Summer!
  • The John Wayne movie "The Cowboys"! I don't know why but I just loved it!!! [It does swear quite a bit though - so not good for a family movie night.]
  •  This also applies to fabulous: dropping off two of our friends after a Bible study and ending up staying until 11:00 PM! The menfolk went disc-golfing and the womenfolk stayed home to watch the babies and make dinner. It was super fun!
  • Going to family reunion gathering one night at a horse ranch! It was amazing! They had everything from Quarter Horses to Tennessee Walkers to Palominos to 3 miniature donkeys!
  •  Getting to meet 4 Newfoundland dogs at a park! They were gorgeous!
  • This photo-shoot with Sara! 
Did you like this post? I've been wanting to get it up for quite some time!

Would you wear Sara's outfit?
Have any of my funks or fabs happened to you?
Do you enjoy family reunions?
Have you ever baled/stacked hay?

**Calico Sister**


  1. Love the outfit, so pretty! The hair-do as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooh, I like Sarah's outfit! :D Her nails and hair are also pretty. :)
    I like your funk and fabs too! It /is/ wierd driving with friends after they get their license (though I'm sure it will be even wierder when it's me). When I was still pretty young, my mom's side of the family had a reunion and I met people that I never had before! I think I enjoyed it to a certain, but was very, very shy, so the whole time was spent with my Mum. ;)

  3. Bea-u-tiful photos!! And a lovely outfit, too. :)

  4. This post was awesome! Wow Sara! Your hair, skirt, and nails are darling!

  5. I totally understand stacking hay or straw! I recently stacked 210 bales of straw at the Critter Barn with the help of 3 stackers, and 3 loaders! I was hot, itchy, and sweaty!


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