Monday, August 4, 2014

Outfit || Mellow Yellow

Mondays. The day of the week that seems to fly by, yet at the same time moves slowly along like an ambling walk. We try our best to prepare for the coming week and look ahead to the highlight that my be in view, if only there was not so many days that we have to work through to get there right?
I am thinking of this as a metaphor today as I bring back memories of our lonesome days after our church family was struggling. When our friends, all but one had gone. Had moved on. Firstly I am astounded at how we worked through the struggles and heartbreak during that time. How did those days go by? And at how our Heavenly Father kept us close and brought our family closer as we kept our hearts in the right place and did not waver. The years seem all so complete now. The pain is covered, it is still there in many ways, but covered with new love and fast friends. He helped, carried us through, always giving us a hope that we had better things ahead- that holiday to look forward to at the weekend.
I feel as though just last eve we had one of our holidays came to pass that we had been awaiting for such a while. Our Mother treated us to getting just a couple of friends together along with the four of us sisters (two younger + Bek and I) to attend a piano concert. A rather simple thing turned into such a wonderful time! All four of us older girls (Bek and I + two friends) all felt so refreshed! Spending time with girls our age whom we could identify with was such a gift! We each have had similar church struggles (one of the girls is from the only other family that had stayed at our church after the other families had left while the other is from the new fellowship we are attending) we have either been the last one standing or having to move on because of a divided church. Both are terribly hard to work through.
We were all so blessed last night. Uplifted and encouraged. Our time of waiting was over and we were rewarded.
This outfit has been in the works for the blog for a couple weeks now. Every time we put it on the schedule it gets skipped over- I guess it was suppose to be saved for today.

I have been spending a bit over my thrifting/clothing budget lately, so the tops you are seeing now are some of the last pieces that I came across before I cut back. It can be so hard! I am one who likes to have most of my clothes rotate through my closet every few months. I like having new-to-me pieces, especially now that we blog about alot of our outfits. With the exception of one-of-a-kind-finds of course! 
When I found this neat linen tank, oh, just had to have! I love the tiny pin tucks, covered buttons, and unique cut. I am sure most of you can already tell from the photos that it is a very well-made piece, organic cotton and all! But how was I to style it into our family's modesty standards? I surely didn't want to cover up the fine back detail with a shrug a-top, plus, who wants to wear three layers in the summer if they don't have to? I got creative and paired it with this mellowed-out yellow, light-weight sweater underneath the natural number.
The rest of the outfit came together by holding up my many tan skirts up with the desired tops until I was sold on the one shown and of-course my dearly loved mustard yellow ruffle toed shoes had to jump into the banana summer fun. Just look at how shabby the straps are getting though!
Shoes- thrifted, $3 // Slip- me made // Skirt- handmade, gift // Sweater- thrifted, $3 // Linen Shirt- Goodwill, $5
What holiday has the Lord brought to you lately?
Have you ever worn a sweater under something before?

Shalom and love,

CREDITS: WRITER: Cassie PHOTOS: Pleasant Hill Farm PHOTOGRAPHER: Rebekah


  1. That top reminds me of an 1840's dress Cassie! You were so very clever to put the sweater underneath rather than on top. I never would have thought of that! I would probably say a Holiday that the Lord has given us recently was the break of not having to practice singing as hard after we finally recorded our CD. SO nice to be able to have that behind us, and be able to look forward to sharing it with everyone!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Lovely outfit! The skirt is so pretty, and the colors coordinate perfectly!


  3. Absolutely beautiful, Cassie! I love your top, wish I could have on myself! I think my favorite part of your outfit would have to be those shoes....they are so gorgeous and unique! :)

  4. I LOVE this outfit! I think it's one of my favorites I've seen you wear! The colors together are absolutely gorgeous. I have a sweater a little bit like that one, but I haven't worn it yet because I don't know what to wear it with. Maybe I'll try wearing it under something.
    God bless,

  5. I love youre shoes! I did not go on holiday this summer only a weekend to germany to visit a friend. In october I will marry and we need to save for that! And of course I will have the honeymoon than!

    1. Congratulations Sjoukje! ;-) We wish you well!
      ~Calico Sisters

  6. Oh my goodness! If ever you wore an outfit so similar to my taste, this one is it! You were very clever to put the sweater underneath, but what makes the outfit is the the matching yellows between the tank and sweater! It is like they were made for each other! I love how subtle this ensemble is on you, and your hair, as always, is just darling!

    Dearest Cassie, our two families are nearly two peas in a pod what with the heartaches we have both suffered from being in the midst of a Church split. So I will comfort you by saying, yes, the heartache is still there, but it grows less the more you realize that this is what the Lord has planned! It may not seem perfect, but after a longer while in traveling down this road you are on, you girls will be able to look back and say, Oh! I didn't realize that part before! And you will be all the more glad for it.

    May you joy be made full in Christ's work in your lives!

    Much love!

    The eldest sister & singer

  7. Love all the yellow! My mom does too! Thanks for a great blog!


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