Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outfit || A Daring Dress

 At least...daring for me.This brown stretchy sundress rotated in and out of our give-away pile for quite a while. I was looking for something 'new' to wear and spotted this hanging in our *'sell or keep' area in the laundry room. [*Our family does consignment.] I wasn't sure if it would work or not but decided to at least try it on. 
I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was below the knees!
[My main concern with if it would 'work' or not]
Before this outfit, I incorporated the dress in a different outfit including a shin-length skirt under with a pink plaid button-up. My Mom thought it was a little crazy so I went for this simpler ensemble for a day of running the church yard sale and watching Mackenzie.
 As you can see, we took the pictures inside. It was blazing hot outside! [If you can't tell from my overly pink cheeks!] My photographer, little sister Melody, did fairly well for the horrible lighting in the church basement!

I mentioned before that the dress is indeed below my knees, but as you can see I wore a pair of loose, blue capris [purchased for similar use on the mission trip.] for more covering. While some may consider the dress length perfectly modest, I just didn't feel there was quite enough fabric for an active day of bending, kneeling, and babysitting. 
 As most of you know, I do not wear a headcovering. But I have nothing against them! In fact, I enjoy wearing the occasional tichel or headscarf. And working on a farm quite often calls for a bandanna. Unless you enjoy picking squished blueberries out of your hair that flew at you in a torrent of water from the power washer! In any case, this handmade-by-Cassie apron-style tichel lent just the right amount of brown and white to complete my outfit!
These sandals have received a lot of use this Summer at baseball games, the beach, and days in town! I will have to be on the lookout for a new pair seeing as how they aren't quite as white now as they were when this picture was taken!
 Oh these sleeves! I just had to include this shot! It may seem strange but I just love these long cuffed sleeves! And the teal color! 
 A shadow picture just as the night wore down to a slow grind...

And last but not least, my patient photographer! 

This is being posted at such a late hour because of the usual... schoolwork, making dinner, cleaning rabbit cages, watching ducklings swim on their first day of freedom... :-)
As this night is ending, I'll retire to my wonderful bed only to stay up late reading a wonderful book, then awake at the wonderful hour of 6:00 AM to prepare for a day of grading wonderful blueberries with wonderful friends, new and old!

So... have you ever paired jean/capris with a shorter dress?
What are your thoughts on head-covering?

Goodnight to all and to all a good night!

~~Calico Sisters~~ 


  1. Wearing pants underneath that beautiful dress was probably a good idea...especially if you were planning to babysit! You never know what could go wrong! I love your dress, and I think it works amazingly with the to you chose! Beautiful outfit!

  2. look SO much like one of my friends in these pictures that it's weird. :) I love the tichel - I don't wear head coverings as a conviction but I enjoy wearing them just "for fun" too!

  3. That is a cute outfit Rebekah! The teal goes very nicely with the brown, and your sister did a great job doing the photos!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Cleaning rabbit cages, is interesting! I've done it LOTS of times, at home, and the Critter Barn where I volunteer!


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