Monday, November 17, 2014

Book Review // Romance God's Way

Hey all! I hope that you all have had a great weekend to re-coop! :) Bek and I are off to a busy day to start off our week, so I thought I'd do a quick stop-in to recommend a book to y'all! I've had many people (especially young girls) in the past as me if I was familiar with Eric and Leslie Ludy's books. I'd comment back to each of them, saying that I had, but never took up one of their books personally. Until around six months ago. Well, I'm here to tell you a bit about just one of their wonderful writings that I know will strum on your heart's strings. :)

Though only through interaction on others' blogs and an occasional Q+A, have you probably heard us girls talk about our views on dating/courtship etc. It's logical to think that we agree with our little community of fellow modest fashion bloggers and inspirational writers that all purity (both physical and spiritual) should be kept, to the best of our ability. I want to get to the book so I'll try to keep this laying ground short, but I just want to say that we do, wholeheartedly agree with staying pure for your "one and only", saving the physical side of a "dating" relationship for after marriage only, and seeking the Lord through this very important decision in your life; finding the one whom you will pledge your heart to. Concepts of "dating" versus "courtship" need to be pressed aside, but we as humans tend to label words with a picture or a thought story. Since people are so used to the term "dating", more toward being the every-day relationship word, between a boy and girl, our family likes tends to use the word "courting" or "courtship". Why? Well just for that reason. When we talk about such things we want people we speak to to know that we hold it's value in a different way than most or other people do. The term it's self does not define the relationship, but I think that it is safe to say that the average person would take the term "courtship" more seriously than the phrase "I'm going on a date". With that said, I'll take a turn to some of the highlights of this book to me and the layout of it's contents.

In the first few chapters of the book, Eric lays out some of his very own stories of becoming a preteen both at home and at school especially. Fast forward to the next couple Leslie takes over, sharing some of her accounts at the very same age Eric before meeting, of-course. From here on out they use their experiences of how God showed each of them to jump out of the dating ring, instead wait with the anticipation of the one; building a Castle instead of a House of Cards. One of my favorite phrases of this particular part of this book is, "If it's built in one afternoon, its sure to come to ruin. What is meant to last, must not be built to fast!" How true are these words! Any relationship takes time and sacrifice. How can one think that a relationship that is meant to last a lifetime can be conquered so easily! We as young ladies (and men) have a task right now that will help our (God willing) future marriage. That is preparing to be a help meet, trusting fully in God and not willing our own "good ideas" into something that is fully the Lord's.

This book sure has some humor in it as well as seriousness about the topic. I can still remember Bek's eye-brow raised expression as I laughed out loud while reading this scenario, concerning the time of waiting after you have committed to letting God be your Matchmaker- I remember! It all started when I surrendered this area of my life to God! I just knew He would mess things up. Now my whole life is ruined, and I'm stuck with THE BEAST-forever! 
I'm not quite sure why this made my laugh so much, but it did. I think it was just because, through the entire book, the punctuation of it is just so dead-on that it just made it so real, like you were being told a bedtime story by an expert reader, while really your just wrapped up in bed way past your bed time. :)

This book was very, very good. I think for a person like myself, this dealt with a little bit too much about coming out of a dating background rather than waiting and seeking, if you catch my drift. I would definitely recommend this book to those you know that want to make a change in their relationship life that are coming from that perspective rather than the lot of us who have already been brought up in the way this book points one toward. But definitely grab a copy have you happen to see one! You could easily get a copy shipped to your door for as little as $4 here on Amazon, as it is one of their older writings. I was super exited to find mine at a thrift shop! Who would have thought!?

Thanks so mush for reading this quick post! I really am looking forward to reviewing Authentic Beauty (also by Leslie Ludy) in the near future for y'all! I am only a mere quarter the way through it and already have been so blessed by her inspirational thoughts!

What books have you read by Eric + Leslie?
Which one is your favorite?
What your some of your views on this topic?

Blessings and love, 
the elder sister

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  1. Awesome review! I haven't read it, but I've read other books by the Ludy's. I would have loved to come across it when I was younger. "Courting" isn't a word or a specific practice that is widely known in Mexico. We "dated" with our parent's supervision (we had rules and everything), but we didn't have that ultimate view of possible engagement/marriage. That is, until we were "older". I've read Authentic Beauty several times and it continues to encourage me in so many ways - the only regret I have is not reading it when I was younger! ;-) I am sure you will love it!


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