Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's in My Bag // Cassie Edition

Hey all! After having this fun blog post come back to mind after reading through this one, I was inspired to get it off the back burner to share this week. That is, a post that is based on what is in the author's bag or better known as her purse. :) So without further ado let's take a look at what I carry around!
So actually "my bag" consists of a bag within a bag. The items above are my larger, more bulky things, that are just not practical in my small cross-over bag that I usually carry with me in stores etc. So these items are then tossed into the bottom of this little fabric tote (me-made, if you were wondering) so that they are still accessible without being cumbersome.
A little Burt's Bees booklet (thrifted) with a mini Sharpie (gifted) and a few of my business cards (for sewing; alterations etc.) are what is stowed away into this little canvas wallet-like book. Next I have a few lip products; two E.O.S. lip balms (love these SO much!), and a Burt's Bees lip gloss that are just easier kept in the bottom of my small tote than in my "real purse". Two more items complete my carry-on like bag, a pair of head-phones and a tin of green Tea Leaf mints (local natural food store). These items are now put into the crook of the bottom of my rounded-bottom bag, still leaving room for...
My cross-the-shoulder-essentials-bag. All these items are what I stow into my the little rust orange purse (gifted, Fossil) pictured a bit above. The items include; nail-clippers (in an old Green Tea Mints tin, yes- I love those things), a wooden compact/mirror (old/have had a long time), a foldable pair of scissors (gifted, German made) and jack-knife (gifted/old), a collection of my favorite pens (fountain, fine tip, highlighter etc.), little sewing kit (gifted), a hanky (vintage), a sanitary pad, a little tub of cocoa Vaseline, gum (I finally found some inexpensive, aspartame free, gum! Loving it!) and, last but not least, my small Tupperware container of various vitamins and Aspirin (this comes in so handy, I've helped many people who find themselves in a pinch, as well as myself and family, with my little First Aid kit.:)). And depending on which of us girls has ownership of our phone that day, it will vary from being in my tote or purse. Also, a book I may be reading or a project (knitting, crocheting, etc.) can usually be added to the bag of loot next to the bag-within-the-bag. :)
Oh, and I nearly forgot, my stash of lip products that are in my purse. What can I say? I love Burt's Bees products (especially lip). Anyway, you can see those below. Some of them have been gifts, but most of the time I splurge when they come out with something new for myself. As you'll see they get used quite a bit. :)
Okay! Now that you know whats in my bag(s), I thought it may be a good addition to this kind of post if I share a bit on how I pack my bag. In the photos below (sorry, they are a bit on the bad quality side; its a little hard to get a clear pic of inside a small bag like the one I'm using) I show how I keep everything tidy and easy to retrieve.
Most of the time if I'm wearing a certain color of either tinted lip stain or lip-stick I'll stow that outside of the zippered pocket and all the others inside of it, stacked up (just like the pic above shows) so that they can all lay flatly up the side of the bag.

Here I have a photo of my wallet area of this bag. I have just the regular items that you'd find there, student ID, gift-cards, monies, library cards, extra business cards, etc.
When I'm not using this set-up, such as for a formal event or something easier to go yard-saling with, I'll take a small hand-carry/wristlet with just my lip color of the day, monies, and 'medicine' container.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope I gave you a neat little over-view of what I like to have available to me while I'm out and about. 

What do you like to carry with you the most?
Do you like Burt's Bees lip products?
What kind of purse is yours?


CREDITS: Photography, graphic, and author; Cassie Shashaguay Photos edited in Picasa and PicMonkey editors


  1. Lovely Cassie! It's so cool you found an aspartame free gum! I'm going to have to look for it next time I'm at the grocery store. Did you find it at a normal grocery store? Oh, and E.O.S. and Burt's Bees... Love them both.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Hi Brigid! Thank you! I was so happy to see Charlotte's post to get my wheels turning for this post!

      Yes, I was so happy to find this gum! And yes, you should be able to find it at at a regular grocery seeing as I myself bought it from our local Meijer. The price is decent- $1.29 I believe, at regular price, but this week they ran a 10 for 10 on them so I was able to grab a few of their other flavors to try out, including Pomegranate (shown), Wintermint, and Peppermint. They also had a Spearmint, but since I am not too partial to that flavor anyway, I thought I'd try it on a later date. :)

      the elder sister + writer

  2. Fun post Cassie! I like how you keep things in old tins and how well-organized everything is. :)
    I carry a polka dot handbag that my mom made most of the time. I keep a lot in it, but not so neatly. ;)


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