Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Outfit || Tight 'n Loose || Funk 'n Fab

Hey everybody! My first post since we have gotten back to blogging! I had planned for this post to be something completely different than what is it going to be. It was supposed to be some pictures from my 16th birthday photo-shoot! But alas, the photos have not been retrieved from my friends computer yet. So, I am sharing with you this outfit from earlier this summer.

While we were gone from the blogging realm lots of things happened. One of which was that I began volunteering at a local thrift shop with one of my friends! It is lots of fun to help out and to get first choice at buying any clothing items you fancy! One of my first times working there I found a pair of brown stretchy dress pants. What good did that do me you ask? You don't wear pants! Well, I quickly saw the potential for making them into a skirt of course!
Cassie and I promptly marked, cut, and sewed! Unfortunately, the finished product was none too modest in certain areas, and just barely long enough due to a sketchy measuring tape. So... I put off wearing it and was about to give up on it altogether when I found a lovely jean tunic that solved the most evident problem!
I had been in the market for one anyways, but as soon as I spotted this shirt at a Goodwill (right before closing time!) I knew I had to have it!
My leather satchel you see here went grandly with the general vintage-modern feel of the outfit.
The lace flats were also bought at Goodwill. By Cassie! I wore them for the shoot and then Cassie made me take them off so she could wear them to town! 

Lace flats- Goodwill, $5 // Brown leggings- yard sale, .50 \\ Brown skirt- made by Cassie, free // Black undershirt- thrift store, $1 \\ Blue chambray tunic- Goodwill, $2.99 // Brown leather bag- gift, bought for $3 \\

  • Not blogging for almost 2 months!
  • Fall only lasting about 2 weeks in Michigan! Everyone else is saying that the leaves are 'starting to turn' and all of our leaves are already off the trees! 
  • Maybe it's just me but it really bugs me that TLC only just showed Jill's wedding and now we have to wait 'til next season to see Jessa's! Anybody with me?!
  • Jessa Duggar is now Jessa Seewald! What?!
  • I'm sixteen!
  • Having my birthday party a month late.
  • At my party (Which was shared with 4 other people.) all of us younger kids sat in our schoolroom and watched Fiddler on the Roof! We all (boys and girls alike) sang along with every song, and even danced to 'If I Were a Rich Man'! It was a grand old time!
  • Digging through donations at the thrift shop and finding sticky pop tabs and dog food in the bottom of the bag. Yucky.
  • Being a Chevy lover when all of your friends love Fords. And you don't. Awkward...
  • That sundown is at 5:30 almost always now. 
  • My Dad coming into the room and asking my brother if he'll hold the dart board. So he can throw darts at it.
  • Having your entire schoolroom turn into a mini city of Playmobil and Lincoln Log buildings courtesy of Emma and Mel.
  • Being singled out to answer a question at the Bible study just because you're younger.
  • Jessa Duggar's wedding dress. I really loved the long train! It was gorgeous!
  • That Natasha Marie is married! I can't wait for more wedding photos, but for now you can see a few on Kellie Falconer's Instagram!
  • Having a broody hen of mine hatch chicks! The downside is it was too late in the summer for them to survive, but I have high hopes for next years batch!
  • Making new friends...
  • Luba Shokur! She's a keeper for sure! We've been having fun texting and snapchatting!
  • Ford jokes! If any of you follow me on Pinterest you'll see I pin quite a few jokes about this particular brand of vehicle. "Ford, ford, they're the best! Drive a mile, walk the rest!"
  • Finding someone else whose favorite color is also camouflage! 
  • Knowing how to spell camouflage from the American Girl Molly movie... 
  • Finding an original 1935 photo of the Dionne quintuplets!
  •  Cowboy boots, just sayin'...
  • Living where you get wary if 3 cars go past in a half hour. "What on earth is happening at Homer's today?!" 
  • Fall. Not because I especially love fall, but because I like anything that isn't winter!
  • This song! I have learned how to play it and love singing it!

As this post comes to a close my family is getting ready to go out the door. Today we are raking leaves at our Grandparents home. Yes, it's that time of the year already, fall, which is a gateway to winter. And winter is a gateway to spring. And then, summer again! Yay!

Do you favor Chevy, Ford, or something else?
What is your favorite song on Fiddler on the Roof?
Did you like Jessa [Seewald] Duggar's dress?

~~The Younger Sister~~


  1. You're so pretty Rebekah. :-)

    And yes, Jessa Duggar's wedding gown was gorgeous! I liked it (much) better than Jill's (which was nice too, but just not amazing.)

    1. I liked Jessa's better too actually! Jill's just wasn't her I don't think. In the episode where she tried all of them on there was a really magnificent one with just plain lines and a high neck that was just perfect! Thanks for commenting Naomi!

  2. Aww...I got a mention! I'm so glad you think me getting married is worthy of the "fabulous" list! :D I shared a few wedding photos on my blog today, but I'm still waiting to get the rest from my other photographer. Hopefully, soon! So glad to have you girls back blogging! :D
    Well, I have to say that I'm a Ford girl - my dad has one and Hank has one. ;)
    Favorite song from Fiddler on the Roof...all of them. *grin* Probably Tradition or Miracle of Miracles.

    1. It was totally worthy of mentioning! Can't wait 'til you get back to blogging, though I totally understand it isn't as high on the priority list now that you're married! =-D My favorite song... ugh! I can't decide either! Matchmaker probably! ;-) Thanks for commenting Tasha! Have a swell day!

  3. I'm glad ya'll are back! Although I definitely understand having a break for a while.
    As to your first question..... Ford. Most definitely Ford. ;D

    1. Another Ford person?? I am beginning to think I am the only Chevy enthusiast left! Thanks for commenting Kelly!

  4. Haha, so sweet of you to mention me ;)

    Cute outfit and cute you ;)

    1. Haha, thanks Luba! Have a good day [at school?]! Or should I say have a good day after school? ;-)

  5. I like your tunic! The color blends so perfectly with the brown of your skirt. Lovely, simple outfit!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. I love reading your funky and fabulous posts! I can't believe Jessa is now Mrs. Seewald! Her dress is
    stunning. I've been posting tons of pics of their wedding on Pinterest. Great blog you have!
    ~Ava Oredson


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