Saturday, November 8, 2014

Outfit // One Last Time

 Isn't the weather undoubtedly sad and dreary looking this time of year? At least for most of us who live in the Mid-West US. The fall colors are here and gone before we can grasp them, leaving behind what is left of the once blossomed trees and shrubbery. Most of the time it can make one quite calm and melancholy, the darker days of winter beginning to loom over us. Until you find that one spot that has yet to be touched by the cold bleakness. A perfect afternoon where the sun is still glowing, makes one quite happy for the Golden Hour time of day, one last time...
Since Rebekah and I have been helping out at a local food pantry's thrift store, as you can imagine, we've come across a few keepers, or treasures as we like to call them. :) As Bek and I arrived last week to start out the day of reorganizing and emptying boxes, one of the other volunteers pulled this fabulous little vest piece out of a donation bag. With hardly a "Howdy- how are you" I promptly put it in our little corner of purses and 'things we possibly may take home with us'. Ha ha!

Now- if only I could manage to put something along with it that wasn't too summery, since it was a white piece I was dealing with here. What to do? Pair it with my favorite fall skirt of-course! You may remember me sharing another outfit with it last year, making the skirt more of the main focal point.
I'm fairly certain that this didn't bend the 'no wearing white after Labor Day' rule too badly... If it did you must forgive me, it was too beautiful to pass up until next spring/summer rolls back around, too pure and elegant not to wear one last time.

 Shoes- Earth Origins, Thrifted, $1 (!) // Leggings- Me made // Skirt- Goodwill, $3 // Longsleeve- Thrifted, $2 // Lace Vest- Thrifted, less than $1(!) // Headband- Goody (Dollar Store) $1
The shoes and headband are also new additions to my fall wardrobe which I am SO happy with. The colors are just so fabulous! I've been keeping my eyes peeled for an inexpensive mustard yellow hair flower/headband. So when I ran into Dollar Tree to scout out their hair items, I so was so excited to find their last (only?) little manila accessory to call my own! I've found so many great brand hair items for just a $1 by checking in with them so often. Yay!!  :)
The shoes. Just a fabulous find at a thrift shop. Was I happy to find an all leather pair of flats in a fabulous fall color? Yup, very much so.

Thank you all so, so much for reconnecting with us after our little break! 
It is so wonderful to be back!

Have a blessed weekend and fabulous Sabbath!

the Elder Writer 

CREDITS// Author: Cassie Shashaguay; Photography: Rebekah Shashaguay; Photos edited with Picasa 3


  1. These photos are so beautiful! I love the lighting!

  2. Beautiful outfit! I LOVE THAT VEST! (And I want one too! lol) :) <3

  3. What a warm and inviting post Cassie! The colors truly celebrate the cosy hues we see in the leaves! Funny how the Lord gave us that last bit of warmth in the color of the leaves before the cold blasts of Winter hit us. He is so good! Thank you for sharing this with us, dear. :)

    Love always,

    The eldest sister & singer


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