Monday, December 1, 2014

Outfit // My FA T-Shirt!

Helloo again! I sure hope that your Thanksgiving Day found you all well! It’s been a busy week for us, what with Thanksgiving preparations, our Grandmother’s surprise Birthday party (of which both our family was soul cooks for), me working, and Bek busy with end of the year schoolwork, blogging didn’t fit into our schedule, especially after Internet connection havoc! Oh goodness! Anyway, I did have a super exciting package arrive in our mailbox a week past, that I had been awaiting since July! Fresh Apparel’s neat little package, containing my T-shirt for backing Olivia’s new clothing line, was just what I needed at the end of a long work day. 

 I am so not a T-shirt wearing kind of girl, so when I decided to go all out in helping out Olivia’s endeavor on her KickStarter and grab the Fresh Apparel logo T-shirt and the Errand #17 Skirt (it should be here soon), both Mom and Bek where less than certain of my reasons for getting both instead of just the skirt, of which they knew I would wear. But I really wanted to help out all that I could, plus the Tee looked to be so much more flattering than the average ones, and the decal was very striking rather than blah, if you know what I mean. :)
 Shoes- American Eagle, hand-me-up // Tights- thrifted // Skirt- Me made, find the e-book here // T-shirt, C/O Fresh Apparel Denim Co. // Button-up, thrifted $3 // Necklace- Amazon, $12 // Feather like bobby-pins- World Market, $8 (set) // Hair flower and Head scarf- thrifted

So once the happy day came that it arrived, I first wore it to bed under my flannel nightgown and sweater (it's been cold girls!). Ha ha! And then the next day for around the house type work under an every day sweater. Speaking of sweaters, I heard tell that Fresh Apparel also had/has a sweatshirt that is super soft! If you're a sweatshirt kind of girl, this would be a great addition to your F/W wardrobe! Our family has strict rules about wearing a label/brand across the chest, so I was really hoping this one wouldn't lay in a way that went against our family's modesty rules (e.i. across the bust line). Gladfully it just made the cut! Even though it sometimes depends on your body shape/type, this shirt should be good to go for most. I think that the larger flourish around the logo has something to do with it. 
Which brings me back to talking about the outfit you see here. The rich burgundy color along with the design, longed for a small clustered print to bring it all together. So I opted for my little chambray button-up by Wall Flower and called it good. I in turn threw on my me-made Destination Skirt (made with the denim e-book by Fresh Modesty) and put on my American Eagle loafers with some brown tights to keep off some of the wintery winds. Then came all the crazy accessories that you see here and there. The lightweight headscarf was easy enough, so was my Star of David necklace with blue Opals, but the little flower 'pin' (it's actually a hair-flower) and the golden feather bobby-pins were just because. The pins, just because I was super excited I had bought them only the day before. The flower, just because a little sister returned it to me by clipping into place and it happen to matched. It turned out being a good medium to go volunteer at a local food pantry for the morning and I was satisfied to get at least one real use out of my Tee so far.

Oh. And Have you all done any cyber Monday shopping at all? I've done mine over the weekend since most of the places I wanted to purchase from had sales going on over the weekend, and boy, I didn't want to miss out on some of the products that were only going to be around till supplies lasted! I did miss out on one shop, thinking the sale was good over the weekend when it was just for Black Friday. Oh well, I still was able to place my first (!!) order at Lilla Rose and one at Cowgirl Dirt! I won't tell you exactly what I got because I'm planning on doing some reviews (and I like surprises), but I'm super excited (can you tell?) to get my little orders soon! :)

Did you back Fresh Apparel's KickStarter at all?
Do you like to wear new things at the first chance you get?
Are you awaiting any packages? 

for the Shag girls

P.S. My dear friends, the Boyer sisters, have a fabulous giveaway from eShakti going on right now! Can you imagine winning a holiday dress of your choice?! Huzzah! How fabulous it would be! So make sure to head over to their blog to enter!


  1. I must say I got a bit confused at first. I was mislead by your title thinking it was FFA (Future Farmers of America) instead of Fresh Apparel! I was excited because I have FFA shirts myself and like you, I simply am not a t-shirt kinda gal! However, I was even more excited to find out it was a t-shirt from Fresh Apparel (which I have been totally excited about)! I love the decal, fit, and color of that shirt. Perhaps I will have to order one myself!

    Anyways, I love the way you styled it! It looks so feminine yet in a casual, comfortable way. Lovely! :)


  2. Hello girls!

    It is so good to see you up and about on your blog again! I can completely understand about being very busy, and internet issues... living out in the country does have its cons. ;)

    I absolutely love how you styled the FA T-shirt, and I don't think it goes against your clothing style at all! In fact, the lovely filigree around the Logo looks just like something you would wear! It is fun to have those days in which you can have lots of little accessories to go with your outfit. Some days I like it to be extremely simple, and other days I go all out.

    Thanks ever so much for the shout out dears!

    Love always,

    The eldest sister & singer


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