Friday, December 12, 2014

Outfit // Pinterest Invaded My Closet

 Hi everyone! How has winter been treating you? As you can see, it is practically heaven here in MI! (No snow in December!) I love it. Anyway! It is time for me to show you my completely Pinterest-inspired outfit. Stripes, foxes, layering and all!

 So, when I put this outfit together the first time, to wear into town Wednesday afternoon, it lacked... well, I guess it just lacked umph. So, I decided to add a belt to the mix, which is always good to define your waist in loose outfits like this one. This adorable fox belt was purchased new [AKA not from a thrift store *gasp*] by Cassie a few months back. The brown leather matched my vest, which was thrift store purchased, and the bronze metal helped bring out the tan in my striped maxi, which was also purchased new! *bigger gasp*
 The first time I wore this outfit, I wore my low ankle boots, [which I wore with this same skirt in this outfit  as well.] But by the time we got home it was too dark to take outfit photos! So, I got all dressed back up the next day just to take these pictures! [You're welcome. Haha!] And, I decided to wear these boots instead. I should have worn them in the first place but it was one of those "we're running out the door grab the first shoes you see" kind of days. ;-)
 I chose this location for the shoot [right across the road in front of our house] because I loved the color of the fallen maples against the myrtle that covers the hill. Please excuse the pump house in the background. :-P
 Can you tell I was freezing in the photos above and below? I was. But at least there isn't snow!
No, I do not have extremely thick hair to achieve this large of a bun. My sad confession is that I bought one of those bun rings that make the perfect bun. I have always wanted thicker tresses but alas, I don't have them. I have to admit, this looks pretty good though!
Today I am attending a volunteer staff luncheon at the thrift store/food pantry where we work. [And I just realized I don't have an outfit planned! *eek!*]  And with that being said, I really do have to run! It is 10:59! Only an hour to get dressed, whatever will I come up with?!

Do you own anything that looks suspiciously Pinteresty?
Do you have an outfit you always throw on in a pinch?
Are you blessed with thicker tresses than I?

The younger sister


  1. Love how you include onomatopoeia in your pasts *smile* ;)
    Nice boots ;))
    Also, I bought the bun thing like a year ago, I got the biggest one and it was too
    small for my hair. *tears* so, it was useless for me.

  2. Very cute Pinterest-inspired outfit Bekah! :D
    I like how your bun turned out. My hair is also thin, so I want to get a bun ring too sometime. :)

  3. Great style! Love the boots!


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