Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review // Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

Hey all! Happy Saturday to you! Boy, it feels so good to be getting a full week of blogging in for a change! And today I'm super excited to be sharing a post that I have had in the works for a bit. You know how it is when you find something that is right up your alley and you can't wait to get your hands on one of your own? That's how I've felt since first being introduced to Lilla Rose and each of their beautiful accessories.

Ever since seeing so many wonderful reviews and hairstyles made up with Lilla Rose products, I decided that I wanted to try one of Lilla Rose's Flexi Clips first, myself. And when their Cyber Monday/Thanksgiving Sale came along, I was finally able to select a few from their vast variety of clips, within my budget, for we girls' collection. Want to see what we (finally) decided on? Read on! 
 // the Simple Drop in mini //
 Melody (our youngest sister) is styling The Simple Drop with a super easy everyday look, the small section simply pulled back from one side and secured with the burgundy jeweled Flexi in size mini, was her look for the day. This adorable clip was one that stayed in our cart for most of the time we went back and forth through the other styles that you will see below. Both the deep color and the fact that it has just a hint of glam, through the small dangling jewel had us all sold. We also thought it best to select it in mini so that we might use it as an accent as opposed to one that could hold the entire bulk of a hairstyle.

 // the Native Filigree Copper in small //
Rebekah is modeling a Flexi in two sizes up (mini, extra small, small, etc.) in a fabulous copper toned clip called Native Filigree. Copper is a metal that our collection lacks, so a quick click "add to cart" made our small selection of copper that much bigger. We felt like this one had a little more character of it's own so we bought it in a size small so that on days of French twists and half-ups this little beauty can get its use in our medium to thick hair. These colors are oh so fabulous for fall!

 // the Hues of Blues in small //
Emmaline's Flexi matches her personality and wardrobe to a T! The Hues of Blues in Small is casual and has just the right touch of pretty for this sister of ours' easy going style. Unfortunately this particular one is going to be given as a gift to a friend in the not too distant future, but I do believe that another one of it's friends will ship it's way toward our house soon. This little girl was so excited to find a secure hair item that fit all her regulations; comfort, not too-too, and "doesn't fall out". :)

 // the Lovely Circle Emerald in mini //
 Hey, Cassie here. :) Being the sole purchase-ee behind our little order, I stuck with this one last more simple mini to review for y'all. The Lovely Circle Emerald caught my eye as I was summing up my order. I quickly switched it up one last time, adding this little lady to my cart, and proceeded to the check-out. All shades of green being my favorite hue, there is no wondering why I adore this little Flexi so much. Also, knowing that it would soon be retiring, made up my mind all the more quickly! So, sorry dearies, for snatching the last one, but if you happen to like this one as much as I, I believe the Lovely Circle Iris Green may just do the trick in it's place!

Okay, so now that you know what items we chose, I can give you a quick "What we thought of 'em", even though I think a few of those already trickled through. :) From us to you we say:
"The Lilla Rose company has so many different colors and styles and metals to choose from, but, without feeling too overwhelmed! Each Flexi usually comes in at least two differing sizes if not all of them, so you will never have to say 'cute but I wish it was in my size'! The quality of each Flexi, no matter the size, is very, very durable- we girls already go through bobby-pins like crazy, so finding an item that can hold securely while looking interesting and pretty is wonderful! They are absolutely fabulous! This will not be the last you hear of them here on CSB!"

Which one of our clips do you like the most?
Do you own any items from Lilla Rose?

What plans do you have for today?
xox and shalom!


  1. I love Lilla Rose products! I too heard about them for some time and then one day my dear friend surprised me with a pretty pink one and I am in love with it! It is so feminine and practical! Blessings to you!

  2. Hues of blue is my favorite that I own, but I really like your choices! I'm sure you'll never tire of ways to use them everyday:)

    Today we went to a Christmas Hymn sing/caroling party with friends. It was a great time to being the light of Christ to a neighborhood. And I think it blessed me too. Each time we knocked at a door, I found myself excited to sing and it was great to feel like we were making a difference for some people tonight!

  3. They are soooo pretty! I loved the "the Hues of Blue" best. Maybe Christmas......

  4. Hi Cassie and Rebekah, I would like have your permission to use some of your photo' as illustration in an article on modest clothing, on the Dutch christian internet encyclopedia Christipedia, see Would you contact me via info[at]christipedia[dot]nl? Thanks.


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