Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thrifted Treasures // Recent 40's & 50's Finds

Hello all! I hope that your week is off to a great start! Remember me sharing about a new blog series just last weekend? Well today I'm kicking it off with a couple recent finds that happen to be from some very fabulous eras, the 40s and 50s! Sound fun? Read on! 

It's feeling so good to just sit down for a while! We've been super busy over here, which is typical for this time of year, but still! We have two out of four dinners (that we've had to cook/decorate for last weekend and this week) taken care of- just two more to work through! Our family is celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas this year, so for those of you who know how many things come along with the festivities of Christmas, double that, and that's how busy we've had to be! It's crazy how many everyday things can add so much more on top of everything isn't it?
Anywho, wanna see my neato finds?...
// Late 50's Prayer Cap //

I nearly left this neat little vintage token behind one day a couple weeks back, while thrifting, but after remembering that the store was 50% off I decided to take it home anyway. I listed a few details below, (as I will with the other items in this series) about the neat little package.

Price: $2

Year made: From comparing the graphic and fonts to others I found similar for sale on line, I'd guess it to date just before the 60's. 

Favorite part: What I personally liked about this neat carry along, was that whoever had owned and used it had taken good care of both the cap and the card it came with. Can't you just see a  dear old lady shuffling through her bags on the way into Mass to retrieve it? It altogether was just too interesting to leave behind for such a small cost, in such nice condition.

Rareness: Like I said, I was able to find a couple similar coverings to this one, but none to match this one's exact color of pouch etc. The price to purchase a vintage one like the said one, averaged from $5-$8. So not too scarce. :)

// LeeWard's Yard Winder // 

 I dearly wish this neat item had it's papers with it still! I found it at a rummage sale/bazaar last month. What a simple [simply wonderful that is]design! Maybe that's why there is no paper to be found, that and the back of the box has a few vague instructions also. Though, that did not help with finding any kind of date. I was sure that if it had come with further materials that that would be included on them. I am super excited to put this to use soon!

Price payed: $1

Year made: Mid to late 50's.

Favorite part: I must admit that the color and neatness of the box is what catches my eye the most! No, not the rubber base. Ha ha!

Rareness: I was unable to find many of this little guy's siblings, but I did find just one that is identical to him on eBay. I also found a cousin of it- a yard ball maker! So neat! Since I found just two items from this same era/line, and they both were listed with beginning bids from $24 (the ball maker) to $35 (the winder) I'll estimate a good $30 item was picked that day! 

If your vintage love heart did not just skip a beat...I'm not sure what will. This hat. This hat is just plain fabulous! I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it here or with an outfit first, but since it is going to need a little TLC before it's next use, I thought I'd go ahead with it.
// 40's Feathered Fedora //

This hat just screams 1940's date night, does it not? I love everything about it, the darling feather frame, the casual woolen bow...the dusty coloring. *sigh* It's just so neat!
I found it at an antique show, you know, in one of those booths that just draws your attention because of it's adorable setup? Yes dearies, amongst the dear old spray painted pianos and barn wood slabs with door knobs as coat hooks did I find my feather-ful hat. As I mentioned above, it does need a little tender loving care. Where, you ask? Well you see a few of it's feathers are just too loose to wear on a windy day, so with a little gluing it should be ready to, one, display with pride, and two, wear with some adorable belted frock.
To see a few more that I'm loving, take a look at this Electric Blue Fedora or this Wide Brimmed Red Wine one that's just perfect for the holidays this winter season!

Price payed: $3 (!!!)

Year made: Mid 40's.

Favorite part: Ahh, I'd have to say after the over-all shaping, the felt bow tie is the sprinkles on the ice cream to me. :)

Rareness: Well, I found out that an authentic fedora directly from the 1940's are rare to come across, but after tracking this brand I'd say you may be able to find something by the same company without too much kerfuffle. But, you also have to price to consider. Comparing mine to the other Gothams I've seen, asking $50-$150 would not be out of line. I'd love to find out more about it! And how one can learn how to price such an item.

// 40's Hand Sewn Booklet & Hat Pins //

Oh my! This item is delicate to be sure! It's beautiful soft silk is wonderful to the touch. You could just about guess my glee when I then open the beautiful hand stitched pouch to find a modest collection of hat pins to boot! My guesstimates on this are as follows:

Price payed: 40% off of .99!

Year made: Guesstimated, 1940's. (It's shape and trim speak of the era.)

Favorite part: The color and authentic roping.

Rareness: How is one to take a gander with such a handmade item in this light? As far as my knowledge, it is a one and only of it's kind. Nothing of it's likeness could be found in my endeavors of searches.

What is keeping you busy? Party planning?
Which find of mine do you like the most?
What 40's hats do you prefer?

 “For today, The Savior has been born to you, who is THE LORD YEHOVAH The Messiah, in the city of David.”
Luke 2:11

And have a very, merry Christmas!

the elder Sister and Writer

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  1. OH. MY. WORD. Such cuuuuuteness and --- gah. Love this. Especially that. hat.

    Um, I love to see your new About Page, but it's not on the list of pages. :-(

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. So MUCH FUN! That hat is lovely! I can't wait to see you wear it Cassie!

    Merry Christmas!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Love the 50's Prayer Cap! I can see an old lady wearing it. (I would too.) Merry Christmas! Can I submit pictures, etc., or not?

  4. You really did make out like little bandits, both of you! Merry, Merry Christmas and a very Happy Haunkkah to you both!



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