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Peek in the Past Pt.2 // 1932 Sears & Roebuck // Junior's, House Frocks, & Coats

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Hello all! I'm excited to be bringing in Part 2 of our newest series here on the blog, Peek in the Past, because today we're going to see some of what we girls would have worn had we lived during the 30's! Though the selection of junior's house frocks and dining attire is quite compact, there are some fabulous things shown of which we'd be able to choose from! I'm also sharing the first few full fledged color ads! So read on why don't you!

It may seem like I'm jumping all over with the catalog's page numbers today, but hang on because next week will make so much more sense if I do today. Ha ha! Remember last round I said that some of the pages' contents were not going make sharing everything in page order and categorize sense very easy? Well, surprise, surprise nothing has changed. So I've done my best to sort things out for the next few that we can better pretend that we're all getting together to set our finger waves and drool over new fashions of said era from the catalog of the day, without having these blog posts have no order a'tall.
Pages 14 & 15. Ooh! the pages that take second to best place today! I only say that this wonderful selection would be second because you have not yet come to the pages of today's delightful colored ads. Trust me, the pages I'm sharing today get better and better, with said pages taking first though of course- just wait and you will see!
I was excited to see these pages of-course, but even more so when I realized what a great verity was listed! Just look at the lower right hand corner's trio! We have a nicely shoulder caped dress in such a lovely cut, right beside a sporty little sleeveless number! Not to mention the quite fancy number beside that! The choices on page opposite are also such a great arrangement, though not quite not racking in differing preference as page after. Oh! And let us not forget style "H" and the adorable detachable cap made of Flat Crepe! Please don't tell me I'm the only one who loved these little coats as a child, spinning in circles until dizziness took over only to stop and find that the cape had spun all the way around, ending up backward and whipping against your little arms. Ha ha! those were the days! :D
Pages 48 & 49. Here we are with some nice house style frocks, in the Low Price section to boot! I can just imagine myself in bare feet, sweeping about the house, draped in styles "A" or "C" as I hum to "Baby Bumblebee" or some such like tune while a list of household duties awaits. Taking a bicycle ride in style "E" would be a cinch what with it's pleated skirt bottom and easy draped cut.
Girls a bit younger than the lot of us would have chosen from most styles of page right. Attending church socials and school events would have been the place for these dresses! Style "S"'s scalloped caped shoulders and fun tiered skirt can only be imagined as such a dress a girl would have longed for attending a long awaited something or another in. Oh the days of doll house plays and endless hours of nonsense crafts...
Peek in the Past Pt
Pages 41 & 42. Ah! The moment that we've all been waiting for! I'll just give you a minute to let those colorful details set in for a bit. If your brows did not rise or your mouth turn into a smile just a bit after scrolling down to the next pages, oh dear, have you gotten enough sleep last night? Laugh if you must, but these sketches spring to life when I happen upon them. The charred brown paper pages are wonderful in themselves, though we must admit that these are so much more fun and easy to image wearing or hanging right in our closets than the other dears. Without having to dream up the prints, hues, and laces for the unpainted ads, I feel quite spoiled after gazing after them for so long. Without working my brain at all as to what color the shape of the dress would be, I can imagine a Spring birthday gathering for a darling young girl that I had been invited to. Of course I would reach for my style "G" cheery yellow number, then slipping a sweater over my shoulders to keep back the frost of the night, before saying Ta-Ta to the fam to jaunt off to the ta-do! There are so many other possibilities to each of these numbers. Wouldn't you say the pale pink (Style "H") for a baby shower, style "H" for a night out, the two piece style "N" for a nice walk on the beach shore, oh and style "L" for a nice around-the-house twist! The list goes on!
IMG_8083 IMG_8081
Pages 26 & 27. Now that the excitement of the colored pages is over, I have these two crisp brown ones to share with you before I say my farewells. As you can see, above shows the modest selection of junior's coats on the left. How fun is seeing these styles girls!? I must say that my favorite would have to be "D" as the price would be right up the alley of the thrifter I am, as well as the fabulous winged forearms that I fell in love with. Now, had I been a bit more of age and smaller in stature, I'd be choosing from the right of the two pages. Let's see, what strikes my fancy here?... Maybe style "F" for it's unique side pocket, or possibly style "I" for it's posh collar lines. And of-course style "J" would have to be just the best for an evening dinner party or Church services. The sleek collar fur is smashing though isn't it? 
Sharing these few pages with you girls the past few weeks has proven to be such a delight! I loved hearing from each of you after I shared last week's first episode, so make sure that you do so again as it makes my day so much more delightful! Especially so after a long day of alterations for the little business! ;)

Any faves this week dearies?
Would you have had to choose from the 'short woman' section?
 Sporty sleeveless or flowing ruffles?

Many blessings,
the Elder Writer


  1. I'm SO jealous. I wish I had such a darling book. Please host a giveaway. ;-P
    (Just kidding, you may keep the book.)


  2. I love the styles of that era.... if only dresses like these were still only $2! : )

  3. Oh! Thanks so much for sharing this Cassie! Now, when I'm planning my 1930's inspired Summer Wardrobe, I can be a bit more well informed as to what styles were appropriate for my age. :)
    My favorites would have to be: A-C on page 48 (you've got to love a good housedress! Even though I don't even have one yet. ;P) The Green Style C from the colored pages, and the Yellow Style N. So lovely for summer!

    Blessings my dear!

    the Middle Sister and Singer


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