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My Winter Hair Care // by Cassie

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Hey all! As Bek and I are away this weekend, I thought I would get this post up for y'all! I have been requested numerous times to begin sharing hair styles, but more specifically for this post how I take care of my locks. Hair styling may come in the future to the Blog, but this will be a good start if I do so anyway. Since my hair care differs from season to season I thought it best to go ahead and show you what I use to take care of my hair in the dry winter months most of us find ourselves in

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// Vinegar Rinse //
I, like most of you I'm sure, have been through the great baking soda wash & apple cider vinegar rinse saga before. I really should post my whole story/thoughts about it sometime (let me know in a comment!), but I could basically copy and paste this post and not even flinch about it. Let's just say my hopes that I had heard of the two working so well together were dashed and soon after I put them to rest. But, after using this method for about two-three months one thing that did stick with me was using the 2/3 ACV, 1/3 water rinse (this is what you see in the bottle above). I noticed that using a small portion of this about once a week really helped with not having dead or brittle like ends. Plus it's not a huge surprise that the apple cider vinegar worked is it? Since it's good for everything! #blimeycowfanjoke :D

// How I Use It: //
As I stated, I only use the mixture maybe once a week after washing and/or conditioning. All I do is lightly spritz it over my hair directly getting out of the shower; just enough to give it some nice coverage (i.e. around 10 sprays or so) concentrating on the middle & ends of my hair. 

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// Shampoo & Washes //
After my vinegar-and-baking-soda-escapade, I was on the hunt for something else that I could feel good about using to wash my hair with, but also that wouldn't "break my bank" as they say. I decided to try this shampoo & conditioner set from Organix. The price is fair at around $6 a bottle; not super cheap, but reasonable. I had already been a huge fan of their Argan Oil of Morocco renewing cream (pictured further down) so I thought it a good move to further my use of that line. I'm very glad I did! The only thing that I would wish different is starting to use it before winter had really set in, as it is very moisturizing. I also have come to believe that these shampoos & conditioners by OGX are fairly interchangeable, meaning they will not give your hair a fit if you want/need to try a different set that focuses on a different need. After reading this post by a new blogger friend, I snatched up a bottle of their Kukui Oil shampoo as well. I could tell that it may be even more favorited than the Argan Oil set that I have been using. So give a couple different ones a try!

The odd looking bottle with the orange pump was actually a Bingo prize from a Hanukkah party we attended this winter. I really don't now where you could find this had you wanted to try it, but I really have yet to look too hard, I probably will once I start to run out! Haha! But as you can tell from the label it has pure ingredients plus the packaging is made from recycled material! I like to use this wash when my hair needs a deeper clean, followed by a penetrating oil or a thick conditioner, leaves my hair feeling really healthy and smooth.

// How I Use It //
Just as anyone I begin with completely wet hair then choose either of the washes (depending on what I think my hair may need at that time) putting my main attention of scrubbing/lathering on my roots. I rinse it out with warm to cool water then if I am conditioning that day (sometimes I don't and just put in an oil of some kind after; talked about more below) I will focus that on the length/ends of my hair leaving it in to moisturize for a few minutes then rinsing it out with warm/cool water again.
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// Oils & Creams //
 The very first item I bought of Organix was this Renewing Cream in the blue tub above. I have used this both while my hair is wet and while it is dry. It moisturizes so well! And this is even cheaper than the wash at just $4 or so.

//How I Use It //
 Before or after I shower I will just scoop a bit in my hand and run it through my locks; staying away from the very roots of my hair as I have found it doesn't wash out as well if I do.

The next oil I use is this small green capped squirt bottle. I just happen to be looking for a good lighter weight oil and happened upon this. I have emptied three of these I like it that much! Plus it is super cheap at less than $2!

// How I Use It //
I have put this in a few times after a shower, but mainly I will put this in the night before to really penetrate my hair; then wash it out the next day.

Good old coconut oil! Our family loves this stuff for everything! For my hair I will mainly put it on my ends. It just helps soo much with fighting dryness and breakage.

// How I Use It //
I will take a small bit in my hand to first melt it (that is if it winter, otherwise it will more than likely already be melted.) and then just pat it through the ends; running it through with my figures.

After being so happy with the first few products by OGX, I purchased the same line's (Argan Oil of Morocco) Penetrating Oil (not pictured). Boy do I love it! It is just perfect for getting a real healthy looking shine without having the "dirty look" if you know what I mean! I am thoroughly enjoying this line! 

WHC pic 2
I hope that this answers all your questions! I plan to post about my summer hair care as well as soon as I get into the swing of that routine again! By no means am I professional or have the best of products here featured. This just happens to be what I am using at the moment. I really would like to try/find an even better hair wash system that has no dyes in it for one! But you have to start somewhere!

By the time y'all read this, Bek and I will be venturing with our Mom around a fabulous Antique & Vintage Show and Sale in Elgin Illinois! (Link to their web-site was in the first paragraph.) We are so excited! Prayers for our safe travels would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and don't worry we plan to share it all with you here on the Blog!

What do you use to wash your hair with?
Have you ever used BS & ASV before?
I want to know! 

Until next time!

Love & hugs,

the Elder Sister 


  1. I am going to have to look into that line of Shampoos. They look like they're really nice.

    Thanks for sharing!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Great post! I plan to try the vinegar rinse soon. I recently purchased some of the Organix products and like them a lot. This time of year my hair is so dry, so I am glad for your recommendations. : )

  3. I use the Herbal Essences Hydra-Licious set, pretty much because it has an attractive cover... But once that is used up I hope to develop an all-natural hair care regimen. I have coconut oil that I use for cooking now. I used it twice on my hair and both times it took three washes to get it out! Any suggestions. My hair is blonde which looks soooo nice with the slightest bit of oil (not! : D). What do you suggest?
    Also is Rebekah's hair care regimen the same?
    Thanks I was so excited to see that you did this!

  4. I think it's fun to see what other ladies use to wash/condition their hair. :)
    How often do you wash your hair?
    I wash my hair twice a week with Nature's Gate Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner, and ACV as a rinse in between the shampoo and conditioner. Every couple of weeks I use coconut oil to condition the ends.

    1. Hi Tasha! I do too! Thanks for letting me know what YOU do! :)

      I wash my hair two-three times a week. I suppose I should have/could have included that! Ha ha! Oh well....

      I have been wanting to try just that! How funny! It is nice to know it has such a fan with such fabulous hair! ;)

      the Elder Writer

  5. Thanks for the post, I have been wanting to try those washes.... But I was a bit skeptical, and didn't want to risk wasting money;)

    I've conditoned my hair with Apple cider vinegar before, it worked pretty good...

    Right now I'm using tresseme shampoo and then conditoner, I wash my hair with conditioner EVERYTIME, or else no good. �� Sometimes I wash with SUAVE but it tends to make my hair feel greasy faster..�� Yea, I'm still on a look out also, I used to wash with a natural Ukrainian burdeck, which was like a charm but also expensive. Then they stopped selling them. 😧

    How often do you wash your hair?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi there Luba! I know, it seems a bit high especially to just see if you like it, but I'm glad I took the plunge!

      I have heard great things about Tresseme, but since I was looking for a brand with better ingredients I opted to look for something else. ;)

      I was hooked on conditioning every single time too until I started using oils instead to help with tangles and such. And back when my hair was at it's prime AKA, longer & thicker. ;) That Ukrainian wash sounds so grand! Loving a product that is no longer available is the worse! ;P

      I wash it about two-three times a week. :) How about you?

      Much love friend!

    2. I wash it twice a week,.... I don't want to increase the amount,
      cuz ain't nobody got time for that *grin* and I heard it's bad to wash it everyday.

  6. I use J.R. Liggett's Natural Bar Shampoo to wash my hair one time a week (usually Friday or Saturday) and that is the extent of my hair-care routine. :) I was inspired by the Boyer Sisters to try washing it less frequently, and I really like the way my hair looks with just a once-a-week wash. I've been doing it this way for about three months and love it! Although it might start to look a little greasy by Thursday, my hair doesn't get nearly as oily as it used to when I would wash it 2 or 3 times a week.

    1. Hi Judithe! I shall have to give that soap bar a look! I have used bared soap for my hair before and quite enjoyed the brand I used, which was by Lush.

      Washing less frequently is definitely much better for your hair; that is once you get the routine going and get past the stage where you hair wants to be washed!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      the elder of the two


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