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Peek in the Past // 1932 Sears & Roebuck Pt. 4 // Girls & Ladys Outdoor and Sports Wear

Peek in the Past S&R Part 4 Banner
Hi all! I hope that you all had a great weekend and that the downpour of snow here in MI and our sister states did not cause any cancellations of events or road troubles for you! Though our church did cancel services, we did have a fine weekend. It was nice to have our own family time here at home on Saturday (since church was cancelled that day) after such a busy week, and then yesterday, having a grand ol' time celebrating our Grandfather's 70th. birthday with my Mom's side of the family. :) Anywho, I'm happy to be bringing y'all part four of my 1932 Sears & Roebuck catalog! And are these pages ever fun!

Pages 30 & 31.  So here we are, right where we left off with pages 30 and 31. These two pages are solely dedicated to younger girls full length coats. Are they not darling?! I know it would be easier to imagine little girls running around in coats like these had these been printed in color. But just try your best to picture the colors that you were able to select in these dear styles running about to Church, visiting, and outdoor play. Oh, and the colors that are listed in their descriptions are as follows; ( for Styles "A", "B", & "C") Rose Tan, Tan, Medium Green, & Scarlet, (Styles "D", "E", "F", & "G") Light Brown, Middy Blue, Medium Light Green, Polo Tan, Dark Tan or Bright Blue. For the older girls, ages from 10-16, many of the colors were much the same.

Pages 32 & 33. Here we are with two delightful pages of lady's precious furs, marvelous all-weather jackets, and fine three pieced suits. I just love these pages so much for their wonderful casual jackets that are so grandly displayed on page right. aren't they wonderful? Just look at that striped jacket, (it seems like we just talked about the 30's and stripes, didn't we? ;) it's matching belt and pomp pockets. Just love it! You would not only have the choice from this Bright Colors Campus Jacket, but also the more simple sleek ones in the top corner. Oh and the sporty Buckskein ones too!
We also have some Imported Russian Fox furs if you would prefer something more divine!  :)

Pages 34 & 35. I'm not sure were to even begin here girls! There is just so much delicious things pictured! I suppose I could start out with the Rich, Black Velveteen Jacket in the lower left hand corner. Ohh, I can almost feel it's softness while looking at the model touching the lapel.
Okay, so these two pages are strictly CAREFREE Sports Wear for Careful Spenders. Aren't they just delightful? Let's look at the upper RH corner, the Sailor Pants, the Jodhpur Breeches, and matching beret and jacket, not to mention the horse illustration in the background! In the corner opposite we have a New! Mesh Sports Frock and Cross-Country Knickers! Oh my! I get so excited whilst looking at these! Ha ha! The row across the bottom are choices of ALL Silk Blouses, Eyelet Embroidered Blouse, and Tweed Sports Skirts as well as All Wool Crepe types. We also have another jacket in the bottom RH corner made of Bright Colored all Wool Flannel  in color choices Castillian Red & Skipper Blue.
Pages 36 & 37. We have just two more pages to view before I take my leave all! These are a few more sports things, but for the younger in age. Jumping, swinging, whirling, running-- this is the common sense play outfit for those lively 8 to 14'ers. This is what is said for the two 2-piece play-suits pictured in the lower LH corner. Oh, and look how cute the little girl's Velveteen jacket is! Heehee! I love the hat she is modeling with it as well! Oh! And take a look at he left hand page, in it's upper RH corner- 2-Piece Pajamas With Hat to Match! Oh my! How 30's is that?! It reads; Three piece Pajama outfit of Cotton Shantung. Separate trousers for beach wear. Bright colored top with sun hat to match. I loved seeing those pieces! Oh and then on the right page there are a couple more ladies coats. Which I read you could choose from either Artificial Leather or Cotton Sports Tweed. But don't stress your choice too much because Both Fabrics Guaranteed Windproof and Rainproof.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Peek in the Past! I love sharing these old darling pages with you so much! 

Oh and next week Brigid Boyer and I will be sharing another edition of Magazine Monday with you! Yes, yes I know today is the third Monday of the month, but after a bit of talking (and, *ahem* me forgetting that today was the day and not next week as I was thinking) we decided to save it for next Monday, so make sure not miss out on that!
What was a page favorite of yours today?
Did your State get a snow storm this weekend?
love and blessings, 
The Elder Sister


  1. Hands down my favorites are page 34 & 35! I LOVE those skirts and blouses! And that mesh dress! *sigh*. We did get a few inches of snow yesterday. It seemed to snow non-stop!

    Have a blessed week my dear! I can't wait for next Monday! ;)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Pages 34 & 35 are my favorites, too! :) Loving the blouses.
    We have no snow. At all. Which is highly irregular for this time of year in North Idaho! I want more snow!! ;D

  3. Why do you attend church on Saturday?

    1. Hi Abigail! Thanks for your sincere question!

      We have come to believe that keeping the seventh day holy as the Sabbath day of rest is what the Lord wanted all of man to do, just as He commanded in the Ten Commandments and beforehand. Further more, you will never find in Scripture that this day was ever changed (as in to Sunday) or called as a burden or rebuked of by our Savior as some want to proclaim. That in short is why we keep the Sabbath on Saturday (because it is the seventh day; "Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work; but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God." Ex. 20:9,10) instead of Sunday, which changes what the Words of the Bible says.

      If you have any other questions, please do feel free to ask them and we will do our best to answer them accordingly!

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      for the Shag Girls

  4. Hey girls! I tagged both of you in a blog party!:)


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